Thursday, September 9, 2010

Church Agrees to Halt Koran Burning After Mortgage Company Calls Loan Due

Notice of Foreclosure

After a startling turn of events that should have every freedom loving American concerned, Pastor Terry Jones has announced he has called off his controversial “Burn a Koran Day” protest.

After being condemned by everyone from President Obama to Sean Hannity, after being visited by the FBI and the New Black Panther Party, even after receiving threats of violence from outraged Muslims Pastor Jones held firm to his vow to protest Islamic terror by burning 200 Korans on Saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks which killed more than 3,000 Americans in the name of Islam.  But the pressure Pastor Jones couldn’t stand up to was the one brought on by the mortgage company that holds the deed to his church.

The scheme appears to be a collaboration between multiple companies in order to silence Pastor Jones’s freedom of speech.  It all started when Cotton All-Lines Insurance cancelled the commercial insurance policy on his church’s property.  This triggered an immediate default on the mortgage.

Then RBC Bank, the mortgage lender, called due the church’s loan giving them a very short time in which to pay off the entire mortgage or see their church stripped from them and sold at auction.  They’ll need to come up with $140,000 in just 60 days to stave of foreclosure.

It should be noted that the Royal Bank of Canada has embraced Islam wholeheartedly creating special lines of loans and accounts that are “Sharia compliant” and only available to Muslims.

It is not yet known if the conspiracy to strip Pastor Terry Jones first amendment free speech rights between Cotton All-Lines Insurance and RBC Bank constitutes a crime, but we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, here’s contact information for the companies so you can let them know how you feel about their efforts to silence speech they don’t agree with:

Cotton All-Lines Insurance:

Office:(352) 338-1222
Fax:(352) 375-8702

RBC Bank:

Phone: 800-236-8872


Phone: 210-312-7291


Radioman KC said...

I don't know why it would be illegal for an insurance company to cancel a policy on a property that has suddenly become high risk.

The pastor is free to find another carrier but I doubt any insurance company wants any part of this nutcase or anything he touches.

Unintended consequences. And the circus parade goes right on down the street!

Look how intimidated the world's most powerful country is by the "religion of peace."

They must be laughing their asses off in Tehran!

Anonymous said...

These would seem to be corporate persons exercising their own right to free speech and free enterprise. Sucks when the sword cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...

I have to give Pastor Jones credit. This guy must have gone through an enormous amount of pressure and risk to his personal self and to his Church's property. In the end it may cost his congregation their Church and maybe even his life.

Yet this guy has done more than anyone I can think of in recent history to shed a light on the danger of importing a violent, alien culture into the West. Hillary Clinton, General Petraeus, the Vatican, and others who called for Pastor Jones to stop never quite explained why they wanted him to refrain. Sure, some like the General claimed it would put our troops in harm's way. But the very fact that our troops are on an ill fated nation building exercise puts them in harms way. No, the real reason that nobody wants to mention is that everyone is afraid that members of the so called religion of peace will go bat-shit crazy. And for bringing this to the forefront, I thank Pastor Jones. I hope it causes some Americans and Europeans to rethink the wisdom of allowing mass immigration into our society from moslem nations.

Pastor Jones said in reply to a question about how he'd feel if someone burned the Bible, replied that they already have and it angered him. But his Christian teachings required him to forgive and pray for the burners. This probably explains why artists and others don't hesitate to defame Christian symbols because they know the meekness of their target. Can the moslems say the same thing? Evidently by the worldwide effort to bully Pastor Jones' into dropping his demonstration, the answer is quite clear.

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment I got off another blog by a user known as Ingemar P. This person expresses what I feel.

Pastor Jones wanted to protest Islam provocatively, but not violently. Muslims threatened to riot and kill in retaliation. And what does the WHOLE WORLD do? Instead of condemning the irrational violence of the Muslims, they condemn Pastor Jones. They do not think for one minute to question why the followers of this monstrous heresy would react this way. No. Muslims killing because infidels have wounded their fragile egos is perfectly normal, acceptable, when it is not OK for any other group to do the same.

Anonymous said...

To The Kansas Citian:

I realize you did not write the software for this site. However, you might find it interesting that the spell checker on requires one to capitalize koran, muslim, mohammedan, moslem, jew and torah, but does not get upset at using lowercase for Bible and Christian.

Anonymous said...

It's not free speech to break a contract with someone and force them to lose their property when they have abided by their contract every step of the way.

This church is in no more risk today than it was when the same preacher protested a funeral of a soldier, they didn't seem to worry about dropping his coverage then... only when Muslims were offended.

Would you be so understanding if an insurance company dropped the coverage of minorities who say were in the country illegally because there is more risk or if they dropped coverage for a black family because there son is a gang banger and therefore more likely to experience a drive by on the house, or how about an outspoken Jew because they are more likely to have their home vandalized by hate mongers?

Cuts both ways in deed.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who cited the freedom of action of the web hoster, insurance company and mortgage holder is correct. They do have the freedom to act. And that is what makes this so sad. All Americans, not just Christians, have now found there is a line that cannot be crossed. That line is not burning a book. No, that line is offending Muslims. On pain of violence and death, these companies exercised their free right to choose to backdown. I am not saying they had to support the Pastor. They could have not even involved themselves. But instead, they decided to get involved and took a position to side with the Muslims. That is certainly their right. However, I fear they are helping to establish a precedent that many Americans might not like. Will Muslims continue to threaten violence to get their way on other issues, such as the schools recognizing Islamic holidays and Mosques being allowed to broadcast the call to prayer from Minarets?

Will other groups, such as Christians, now decide that they too need to become violent in order to get their way? As the previous poster wrote, the Pastor was using a nonviolent form of protest, threatened no person or property and was met with threats of actual harm and destruction of person and property. Yet, it was the nonviolent pastor who was uniformly condemned and the folks threatening violence were supported.

Anonymous said...

Every day somewhere in the West, let alone the Muslim World, an imman issues a fatwa against some poor unfortunate soul that basically puts that person's life in jeopardy. The other day an imman in Australia called for the beheading of Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who wants the Netherlands to stop allowing Muslim immigrants. Did any major Muslim figures speak out against this? Did Western world leaders from Hillary Clinton to the Pope condemn it?

Instead we are told that that imman is an insignificant figure in a faith of 1.5 billion adherents who does not represent the mainstream.

Well how does a previously unknown pastor with a congregation of 50 represent the mainstream of a faith with over 2 billion adherents? Yet, this pastor garners the condemnation of several Western world leaders.

This pastor has received more condemnation than Major Hassan. He has received more condemnation than the murderer of Theo van Gogh. Muslims have expressed more outrage at him than they do suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming clear the majority of Americans are shocked and appalled at this President's policies. This so-called "tolerance" card he is playing; the insulting labels he employs to derogate any opposed to GZ mosque as "radicals," "a tiny minority;" the accommodating policies he is implementing to protect and allow Shariah in our universities, our financial institutions, our Supreme Court, is screaming treason. He is not defending Americans. He is accommodating our enemy, enabling them to subvert our Constitutional protections as they flex their muscle from the very heart of our most tragic AMERICAN ground.
The truth is, we cannot tolerate the encroachment of the most intolerant regimes in the world. We cannot swallow the lies purported by the Cordoba Initiative/ Muslim Brotherhood.
The brats screaming threats at us in Middle Eastern countries, on our own soil, will never be appeased. The position we must rise to is as a parent that must say no to a spoiled misguided brat. Now is the time to say NO. No to the GZ mosque which intention is to subvert the entire United States.

We are not a small minority of radicals. We are a great number of average American loyal citizens waking up to the truth of the horror we see unfolding before our eyes. We once were blind, but now we see we were duped by this president. We see he is truly not one of us.

We are exercising our 1st Amendment rights. We simply will not tolerate the threats of violence against us, nor will we cower to them. We will never accommodate a Supremacist Ideology hand-in-hand with a law that goes against our Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Human Rights.