Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Independent Black Conservative

Confessions_of_a_Bl_Cons Kansas City tea partiers are bound to find inspiration in one of the movements newest bloggers, the Independent Black Conservative Corner.

In IBC’s newest post he reflects on his struggles with being called an Uncle Tom and how he found renewed enthusiasm to fight for conservative principles of freedom and self-determination in his young daughter.

“It was as if I was breathing a deep breath of fresh air when my 9 year old daughter came over for the weekend, it renewed my spirit, drive, and my reason for doing this. As I thought about what I want to do for her generation, I thought about the great Americans who had come before me. The dedicated men and women of the past who sacrificed so much for us; from Martin Luther King, George Washington, Medgar Evers, Abraham Lincoln and Susie B Anthony. What is so impressive about all of these people is they share one common trait; they were self-less.”

IBC reminds his readers that it was the sacrifices of these and other Americans that have made this country great.  And while it is easy to sit back on the couch and just watch as the government infringes further and further into our lives in the name of “progress,” it is the selfless individual that has the power to stand up and affect real change.

“Do you have this self-less trait, and more importantly, are you using it?”

A truly excellent question that we should all be asking ourselves in this time of awakening.


Anonymous said...

This is crazy. I thought folks are supposed to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

It seems this guy is being highlighted because of the color of his skin. I am sure thousands of other tea partiers, whom no one will cover, have personal stories that are just as compelling.

Anonymous said...

His story is compelling because he is being singled out by the left BECAUSE of the color of his skin, he is black and conservative.