Friday, April 2, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Falls on Camera a Fake

The blogosmere is all abuzz over a video of President doing a face plant on camera.  Unfortunately, the video is a fake!

Take a look at the video in question:

Now, let’s look at some frames from the spill in ultra slow motion.

fake-barry-fall Click image to enlarge

Keep in mind, the frames are taken from the ultra slow-motion section of the video.  Look closely at how the president can be seen falling through the window of the white SUV and then in an instant he is standing back up straight.

The evidence becomes very clear when you replay the video and at normal speed. Go ahead and do that now, we’ll wait for you.

Done?  Great!

As you can see the video is clearly a fake, all be it a pretty good one.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the president any less of a boob because as you undoubtedly already know he once tried to enter the White House through a window mistaking it for a door, bumped his head on the doorway of Marine One, flubbed the oath of office, believes there are 57 states in the union, and once thanked himself in a speech after a teleprompter malfunction.

With as many candid camera moments as this president has given us in just over a year, there really is no need to resort to making fake videos.

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JackSparraarrrgggghhhh said...

Yes, this video is nonsense.

But go back, it was actually the Chief Justice who flubbed the Oath of Office. Obama merely attempted to correct him.