Monday, March 1, 2010

Mrs. Dennis Moore for Congress?

canttakemuchmoorePrime Buzz thinks Stephene Moore, a.k.a. Mrs. Dennis Moore, may soon announce her candidacy for Kansas 3rd congressional district.

Retiring Democratic Congressman Dennis Moore threw out two words Saturday that give his party renewed hope of holding onto the 3rd District seat.

"Stay tuned."

Moore uttered those words today in Topeka at the party's annual Washington Days gathering. They were directed at the potential prospects of his wife, Stephene, who is apparently considering a run to succeed her husband.

In the words of old G.W., “Bring it on!”

UPDATE: 4:33 PM cst - It would seem Stephene's impending run is becoming more and more of a reality. She has already taken down her Facebook profile in an effort to bury anything that her challengers might use against her.

We guess she is not quite ready to exit the ritzy Washington socialite scene...

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ThomasforCongressScherer said...

The Kansas Dem Socialists engineers have clearly got March Madness off to an early start politically. How desperate!

I am not certain which of moore rhetoric's three wives will be filing, but if they do, I am pretty certain the campaign slogan will be:

"Give me your life or your lupins. I am suprised Larry Lupin, king of the social engineers did not nominate Monty Python and the rest of his flying circus to run also. We have enough clowns up there is DC. We do not need moore rhetoric, part II. Just say no to all the silly lupin leaders of the Kansas Socialist Engineering Party.