Thursday, March 25, 2010

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Disbands

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Carmen Mercer, president of the Arizona-based Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has announced that the groups board has voted to disband the anti-illegal immigration organization.

The organization has long been the target of open border advocates since its inception in 2002.  Despite the group’s noble mission statement, it has been labeled racist by organizations such as La Raza and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ms Mercer stated the reasons behind the decision to bring the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps project to end stems from fears of violence among some of the organizations more radical members.

In an email sent out on March 16th, Mercer called on members to come “locked, loaded and ready,” perhaps not the wisest choice of words.  The email noted that it was her intention to have the MCDC take a more active roll along the border by tracking illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. Previously the organization restricted its members to only reporting activity along the border to the Border Patrol.

Mercer claims the response to her email was overwhelming.  They showed an anger she and the board felt could easily turn violent if just one bad apple went too far.

The announcement proves a couple of things.  For starters, it shows that some groups are justified in their fears that such an organization could be co-opted by racist extremists.  But more importantly, it is a clear example of the fact that the organization was not, along with the vast majority of its members, were not racist or violent because at the first sign of anything of the sort they chose to shut the entire organization down to prevent it.

I have been a long time supporter of the group, especially so when those with an agenda chose to attack a little old woman here in Kansas City because of her membership in the organization.  So, I for one applaud the groups decision to fall on the sword before letting racists and extremists to co-opt their movement.  I also call on other advocates like Frances Semlar and Darla Jaye to do the same.

This incident should also be a lesson to Tea Partiers.  With no real organization to control things, it is the responsibility of all those involved to point out and expel any racists or extremists before they have a chance to harm the cause of liberty.

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