Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's About the Kids, Bit.... Er, Ms Sanders Brooks

covington_doomsday_clockFirst, let me congratulate Dr. John Covington, Superintendent of the Kansas City, Missouri School District, and the five members of the KCMO School Board who had the courage to step up and do what’s right for Kansas City children.  Second, let me be the first to apologize to Dr. Covington for the job he is about to lose.

You see, the KCMO School District is notorious for axing any administrator that tries to break the status quo.  In a district where there exists one administrator to every seven students, there is just simply too much money involved for the KC political machine to just stand by and let his “Right-sizing” plan move forward.

Sharon Sanders Brooks, one of the Jan Marcason Nine, immediately took to the stage after Covington’s “right-sizing” plan passed.

“Continuing the blighting of the urban core,” she said, “is scandalous and shameful.”

Considering Ms Sanders Brooks is greatly responsible for the blight in the urban core she now champions, one can’t help but wonder if this is a case misdirected anger that is more properly placed squarely on her own shoulders.

The sad truth is that the City Council has done such a piss poor job of running this city and the KCMO School Board has mismanaged the education of Kansas City youth for so long that the city’s student population is at levels not seen since 1889.

Meanwhile, the district has more administrators per student and fewer students per school than any time in history.  Facing more than $50 million in budget shortfalls, the district has no choice but to cut costs and consolidate schools.

Unfortunately, the power brokers that control this city will never let Dr. Covington’s plan come to fruition.  The Doomsday Clock on Dr. Covington’s job is ticking and the only ones who will suffer will be the children.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the non AA kids in this school district. If I lived there with kids, I'd choose one of the following:

1 - move
2- private school
3- home school