Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Cleaver Spitting Incident

This video comes to us by way of 24thstate.  The incident in questions comes at approximately 1:25 in the following clip.  You be the judge, spitting or vigorous yelling?

To us it seems pretty clear the man was yelling, and clearly from the audio he wasn’t yelling racial slurs.  Rev. Cleaver does seem to react abruptly to something.  Our guess, the yeller was “spraying it, not saying,” a far cry from spitting on someone because they are black as Rev. Cleaver has alleged.

While I believe the march concocted by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) was a political stunt designed to draw a negative reaction, as evidenced by the fact these members of congress, like the others who did, could have taken the tunnel that connects the two buildings they were leaving traveling to and from, I do not think their claims of racism were deliberate distortions.  Instead, I would argue they were likely caused by some sort of Post Traumatic Stress resulting from similar experiences garnered in the civil rights marches of the 1960’s.

People on both sides need to remember what it was like for these men back then, marching and fighting for their rights as human beings.  Not since then have they marched in like fashion through crowds of angry Americans.

It would be similar to having a Vietnam vet march through the jungles or having a dog mauling victim locked in a cage with a pit bull.

Let’s hope both sides can put the rhetoric behind them and have some understanding for these men and the tens of thousands of law abiding American citizens that went out that day to exercise their first amendment rights.


James said...

Something interesting of note. Cleaver returns to the scene at around the 2:35 mark with a new police officer. The new officer is black, while the one standing next to Cleaver when it occured is a white women.

Anyway, he appears to be looking around for the so-called spitter and can't find him. Yet, he is two feet in front of him with his hands still cupped around his mouth yelling.

lucius0729 said...

Knowing how most bloggers and others in Kansas City feel about Cleaver it doesn't matter what the video shows you will see what you want to see.