Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GOP Power Players Try to Unite The Republican Party

mountvernonstatementFeeling the pressures coming from the Tea Party movement, many of the power players within the GOP are signing on to a new Contract with America of sorts.

The Mount Vernon Statement is a document drafted by those facing the loss of their influence over Republicans.  It’s an attempt to meld the interventionist policies of the neo-conservative movement with the traditional Republican ideals such as limited government and personal freedom, conservative ideals that have been virtually non-existent in the party for more than two decades.

While it is certainly a step in the right direction, the Mount Vernon Statement doesn’t go far enough to ensure the GOP’s commitment to a return to a Constitutional form of government.  Many of the document’s signers operate so-called conservative organizations that have actively lobbied the federal government to use its constitutional-usurping power to restrict personal freedoms.  Until these same people step back and admit they have been just as culpable for creating the big government mess we are in as the Democrats, there is little hope of turning around this sinking ship.

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