Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NKC School Board Votes to Keep Homosexual Propaganda Book in Schools

The folks at the KC Red Star are heralding yet another win for the pro-gay agenda:

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The North Kansas City school board voted Monday night to keep a children’s book in school libraries despite the concerns of a parent.

Board members decided to retain the book “And Tango Makes Three” by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson in a 3-2 decision after more than an hour of discussion. However, they also agreed to place the elementary library card catalog online so that parents can view which materials are in their child’s library and decide whether they would like to request any individual restrictions for their child.

“And Tango Makes Three” came into question after parent John Dixon requested that the story be removed from circulation in all North Kansas City schools.

The book tells the story of two male penguins living at the zoo who care for and raise a penguin chick together.

Dixon, who addressed the board last week, said he opposed the book because he didn’t believe it was age-appropriate for young children and didn’t follow the district’s policy on human sexuality education. He also said he thought the book tried to indoctrinate children about homosexuality.

Two previous committees had voted to retain “And Tango Makes Three” before Dixon appealed the decision to the entire school board.

At a special meeting Monday night, board members voiced differing opinions on the issue.

While none of the board members present supported banning the book from libraries, some thought the book should be restricted unless a child had parental approval to read it.

“I continue to believe that this book is not educationally suitable,” said board member Phil Holloway.

Holloway argued that the book was not age-appropriate for young children and said the subject of same-sex attraction was clearly being interjected into the children’s story.

“We are naïve if we say this is just a book about penguins, because it’s not,” he said.

He also said he didn’t want the district to be forcing parents like Dixon to be discussing issues such as human sexuality with their children before they were ready.

“They didn’t get to make that decision,” he said, adding that placing the book on a restricted list would allow parents to make the decision for themselves.

Board member Spencer Fields also voted against keeping the book in general circulation and said he thought it contained some questionable material.

But board member Chace Ramey said the district could be opening itself up to liability if the board restricted the book.

“I fail to see any grounds that we have the ability to really limit access,” he said.

Board member Melissa Joy Roberts said she thought parents had the responsibility to decide what was appropriate for their own children, but said they shouldn’t be making those decisions for other children in the district.

Board member Kathleen Harris also voted to retain the book and said although she didn’t think the book was appropriate for early elementary-age children, she was against restricting any one title without looking at other books in district libraries.

She suggested reviewing the district’s current policy on selecting library materials and said the district should seek input from staff and the community to determine clear standards about the age appropriateness of reading materials.

“I think we can be smarter about how we allow titles into our libraries,” she said.

Board members Terry Ward and Jan Kauk were absent.

Although the book will still remain in school libraries, the district does plan to place each elementary library’s card catalog online for parents.

Superintendent Todd White said each parent would receive his or her own username and password to access the system and could request that books with certain titles or themes be restricted for their child.

The district will begin creating the process after winter break.

I guess it doesn't matter to these "educators" that the whole notion of gay penguins is a myth.

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