Thursday, October 1, 2009

Federal Judge Sets Trial Date for Obama Eligibility

There has been a growing number of lawsuits filed by America's servicemen and women that question President Obama's constitutional eligibility to hold the office of the President of the United States and thusly issue legal military orders. Today, Federal Court Judge David O. Carter refused to hear President Obama's motion to dismiss one such case and ordered a trial date be set for January 26, 2010.

According to one eyewitness, Judge Carter, a former Marine, stated several times that this was a very serious case that needed quick resolution. He said that American troops must be assured their Commander-in-Chief is eligible to hold his office and thereby able to legally issue orders to our military, which is even all the more important in this time of war.

President Obama's motion to dismiss was filed just last Friday, Judge Carter indicated that, because of the short time frame for his motion, there was virtually no chance the case would be dismissed. It is expected that in the very likely eventuality that Obama's motion is denied, the judge will order President Obama to produce a copy of his long form, vault birth certificate in expedited discovery. Something some say the President should have done from day one to quash any claims against his eligibility.


Anonymous said...

Re: "the judge will order President Obama to produce a copy of his long form, vault birth certificate in expedited discovery."

No he won't. If the case is not dismissed, and ten to one it will be, then the judge would order the OFFICIAL birth certificate to be provided. Not the original, the Official. And what is the official birth certificate? It is the Certification of Live Birth that Obama has already shown, and on which the facts have been confirmed twice by the officials in Hawaii.

billie said...

Anon - not sure if you just can't read or you are just plain clueless or you are an employee of one of the companies the Democrats pay to go post to blogs with BS comments but if you take just a few moments to research Hawaii's laws regarding birth certificates you'd know that the certificate of live birth Obama produce is also issued to children born of Hawaiin citizens even if born in a foreign land and the only way to verify country of birth is in the vault birth certificate.

You'd also should know that judges don't ask for anything, he's not going to ask for COLB or the vault birth certificate. Instead, the plantiff asks for specific discovery documents, then the defense has to either produce them or provide an acceptable reason to the judge why they can't. So if the motion to dismiss is denied, as the judge has given the indication it would be, the plantiff's will ask for a copy of the vault birth certificate and the judge will order it provided since we know it is on file and we know obama can request a copy be produced.

It's simple facts, my friend.

Anonymous said...

i am glad that someone is standing up for us troop. its about time someone did. i am not racial but i dont like being here in iraq with him in office if he aint quilified. hell i had to show my birth certificate to get in the army, and every thing i done to get in. i belive he should have to show his shit for be president. i dont like him i didnt vote him. i think its time to get him out of the fucking office anyways. hearts and minds in iraq bs. kill the fucker before they kill you thats the way it should be!!!! he tring to change every fucking thing it bs. from a US ARMY SOLDIER

Anonymous said...

apparently there was not an entrance exam for the army...dumb shit

Anonymous said...

I don't think so

Does anyone ever fact check stuff anymore

undocumentedblogger said...

This report was accurate, but Judge Carter later dismissed the case on the grounds that his court lacked the constitutional authority to remove a sitting President.

Which raises the question of whether Judge Carter felt there was a strong possibility of Obama being found inelligible.

Snopes is not the bible, it's written by two people in their mom's basement, a simple google search: