Friday, September 11, 2009

Second ACORN Video Surfaces: DC Office How to Go From Pimp to Congressman

Yesterday, James O'Keefe and released an undercover video shot in ACORN's Baltimore office in which two employees instructed a pimp on how to setup a home, declare income received from illicit means, and claim up to 15 child prostitutes as dependents for the purposes of raising money to fund the pimp's campaign for congress.

ACORN was quick to dismiss the video as "false and defamatory and an attempt at gotcha journalism" after news of it's existence reached mainstream media outlets. However, a few short hours later ACORN fired the two employees depcited.

Now, just 24 hours after the release of the first video, a second video has been released. Once again, James O'Keeffe goes undercover as a pimp having trouble getting approved for a loan to purchase a home he plans to use as his brothel. As we've mentioned before, ACORN was one of a handful of so-called community organizations that profitted heavily by pushing NINJA and ALT-A loans to illegal immigrants and other people that lacked the means to repay the loans which created the mortgage crisis that ultimately led to the Diversity Recession and the loss of more than 10 million jobs across the country.

Here is how Lavernia Boone, mortgage consultant for ACORN, and Sherona Boone, an ACORN housing employee, instruct Mr. O'Keefe to achieve his goal of using illicit sex profits to fund his congressional campaign:

  1. Create a business to keep track of income; use a nondescript company name, avoiding things "Ladies of the Night".

  2. Setup the company as a sole proprietorship and Limited Liability Company (LLC).

  3. Do NOT list "prostitution" as your employment on the mortgage loan application, instead list "marketeer" or "consultant".

  4. Deposit $4 to 5,000 in a bank account each month. "You have to have a paper trail."

  5. Be sure to declare some expenses. "You have to show a profit or loss."

  6. You must buy the home in your name, let her do the tricks, and you can claim you had no knowledge of the crimes being committed, "you were just the landlord."

Sound like a certain Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts that we all know?

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