Friday, September 25, 2009

Left-wing Loon, Steve Glorioso Calls for Fairness Doctrine

Earlier this week, KC's own local left-wing nutbag, Steve Glorioso took to the airwaves on KCPT's Ruckus show to make claims that he's challenged KCMO's Chris Stigall to a health care debate. He lamented Stigall for his supposed declination.
"For days on his KCMO show [Stigall] said he relishes the debate over health care reform. Although a second rate intellect on a minor radio station, I challenged him to that debate. He declined. Then I attempted to buy a week of radio ads to present an alternative viewpoint and to challenge him again to a debate. The station refused to sell me the ads. Stigall hides behind his microphone and continues to lie and demagogue about health care reform. So this week I retained an attorney and filed a complaint with the FCC. This guy should become a poster child for the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine in radio."

Psst, Steve. Steve, over here. I need to tell you something and don't want everyone else to hear it because it might make you look like an idiot. You see, Chris Stigall's radio show, the one that airs weekday mornings on KCMO 710, is a call in talk show. Do you know what that means? I know this might be hard for you to wrap your feeble-minded liberal brain around, but it means people like you, others who believe like you, heck, even people like me, can call in to the show and voice our opinions and arguements right on the air for the whole listening audience to hear.

You don't look so good, Steve. No need to respond. Go ahead and have a seat. I can see those rusty gears in your head are cranking away trying to process this new bit of information, so I will just go back and finish what I was saying to the rest of our readers. You just relax a bit.

We know Mr. Glorioso is used to being able to go on local TV affiliates' news casts and spout his uninformed liberal views without being challenged and it really ticks him off that local radio personalities like Chris Stigall and Darle Jaye are able to go on the air and debate their beliefs with callers and guests with opossing viewpoints. But seriously, do we need an act of congress to get Steve Glorioso on the Chris Stigall show when all he really has to do is pick up his phone and dial 816-576-7710?

The Fairness Doctrine? Really? Really, Steve?

Hey, Steve. Can you hear me now?

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