Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fourth Time's a Charm: California ACORN Office Helps a Pimp

For the fourth straight news day an undercover video exposing ACORN employee's illegal activities has been released. In part 1 of the video, the San Bernadino, CA ACORN employee, Tresa Kaelke, tells James O'keefe, the undercover pimp, that she is "no stranger to crime" having shot and killed her own husband. She goes on to explain how she laid a foundation for a self-defense claim by going to shelters around town and making allegations about her husband before she actually murdered him.

Tresa then sends James across the street to speak with her friend Jim Miller for some advice. He suggests setting up a small school as cover for housing the underage girls mentioned by James O'keefe as the source of funds for his campaign. Tresa then states she will threaten Jim Miller to keep him from disclosing details of the underage prostitution ring to anyone.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the most damning part of the video for ACORN, itself, is when Tresa mentions her close ties to several congressmen and senator's including Sen. Barbara Boxer. Tresa then implies both Senator Kennedy and President Obama received campaign funds through illicit means.

So you tell us. Do we need a full forensic investigation into ACORN?

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