Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN Number 5: Immigration Employee Offers to Smuggle 12 Under Age Prostitues into the U.S.

In the fifth video in an ongoing undercover investigation by James O'keefe, a San Diego, CA ACORN immigration employee offers to help smuggle in twelve 13-15 year old prostitutes from El Salvador.

Juan Carlos, the ACORN employee and self-described lawyer who got his degree in Mexico but never took the California Bar exam, offers to use his contacts in Tijuana to smuggle the underage girls into the country. Mr. Carlos also states that he is working with the San Diego District Attorney's office.

At one point in the meeting the ACORN employee stops to ask how much it would cost to utilize the services of the undercover prostitute, Hannah Giles.

When asked if Mr. Carlos or anyone at ACORN would contact the police regarding the human smuggling/underage prostitution ring, since he is closely tied with the prosecutor's office, he let them know everything was cool and that everyone at ACORN was "cool".

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