Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN: How to Go From Pimp to Congressman

When we first heard of the undercover video produced by on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh we dismissed it. Surely the clips being played are just that of a stunned worker doing her best to control a shocking situation, a completely understandable reaction on her part. But when we finally sat down and watched the entire, more than 20 minute long video we were shocked.

What you are about to see is a professed pimp and his hooker consult with ACORN on how to legally convert their illicit proceeds from their prostitution ring into legitimate earnings so they could use the funds to run for public office.

ACORN is under investigation in numerous states for voter fraud. They have also received grants of more than $53 million directly from the federal government. Now, not only are they caught on camera teaching someone how to launder money, commit tax fraud, and aide human smuggling, but they are directly committing election fraud.

When asked by the pimp what they should do, they are instructed to "keep your mouth shut... loose lips sink ships... and if the cops are called ACORN can't help."

With fraud being conducted on such a massive, nationwide scale, it's hard to believe people in congress are waisting so much time bickering about the so-called urgent need for health care reform...

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