Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Orders Cabinet Heads to Cut $100 Million from Department's Budget

President Obama ordered his cabinet heads to immediately cut $100 million dollars from their department's budget in order to cut spending. They have 90 days to comply.
"We have an obligation . . . to make sure that this government is as efficient as possible," Obama said[.]

Although these cuts are being called "a minuscule portion of the federal budget," they are intended to overcome the "confidence gap" Americans have about the use of their tax dollars. Makes you wonder if those racist, xenophobic Tax Day Tea Partiers protesting government spending just might have had an affect after all, despite mainstream media claims.

Having said that, even if all 14 cabinet heads comply, the amount of cuts would only add up to $1.4 billion dollars, compared to Obama's proposed new budget which comes at a cost of more than $3.5 trillion and is expected to create deficits of over $9 trillion in the next decade.
"In the next few weeks, we expect to cut at least 100 current programs in the federal budget so that we can free up those dollars in order to put them to use for critical areas like health care, education, energy, our foreign policy apparatus," [Obama] said.

And there you have it. The goal is not to cut spending, but to divert the funds towards Obama's new social programs.

For the laymen and products of the KCMO school district out there, the net change in government spending after the cuts will be $0 per year. That's right, nothing, zero, zilch, nada, the big goose egg. So this announcement is really nothing more than bait and switch tactic designed to deceive the American people into thinking the President is doing something about the fed's out of control spending.

Meanwhile, we at the Kansas Citian thought we might help Obama with identifying some areas were we can make some real cuts and save some real money:
  • Cut costs associated with illegal immigration (Medicaid, medical treatment for the uninsured, food assistance programs, the federal prison and court systems, and federal aid to schools) by enforcing existing immigration law - saving $26.7 billion per year
  • Require reimbursement for any unused airline tickets by federal employees - saving $100 million per year.
  • Cut economic aide to Israel - saving $3 billion per year
  • Close military bases in Korea, Japan, and western Europe. The US government spends $100 billion annually to support nearly 1000 military bases abroad. Closing bases in the aforementioned locations would save tens of billions annually.

While we're cutting spending, let's look at some places we can actually increase federal tax revenue:

  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, ACORN
  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, PETA
  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, AFL/CIO
  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, ACLU
  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, UAW
  • Remove tax-exempt organization status for the so-called "non-partisan" group, The NRA

So there you go President Obama, we've not only identified significantly more cuts, but we've identified a significant amount of new revenue. And we didn't even need to cheat on our taxes, like the rest of your cabinet, to do it.


chris said...

If his budget is $3.5 trillion, just cutting 1 percent would save $35 billion, over twenty-five times the amount he is trying to get his cabinet heads to save.

Clearly this is a ruse to placate the tea party crowd and any other Americans who might begun to think since last week's rallies.

James said...

David J. Rothkopf makes a great observation. Compares Obama's announcement to the 1990's film DAVE.