Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KCTV 5, as Clueless as Ever

KCTV 5, the local Kansas City CBS affiliate that took the old slogan "if it bleeds it leads" to new levels, is once again proving how truly irrelevant they've become.

Tomorrow, April 15, 2009, in over 2000 cities across the country millions of people all across the country from both sides of the aisle take to the streets to protest the federal government's out of control spending and unconstitutional behavior that has only gotten worse since Barack Obama took office. Despite cable news stations and talk radio buzz, KCTV 5 seems to be oblivious to what is happening.

When Andrea, one of the organizers from KCMO's Tax Day Tea Party, contacted KCTV 5 about the event, they were clueless. "Here in our own backyard, KCTV 5 said they didn't know anything about the event, and their assignment desk was too full today to report on it," she wrote in a recent update to attendees.

She went on to urge supporters to contact the station, "I think they need a friendly reminder, don't you? Email them at newsdesk@kctv5.com."

Meanwhile, many in the mainstream media have been going the extra mile to once again prove their total lack of objectivity. NY Times columnist Paul Krugman called attendees "crazy people".

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow devoted 15 minutes to "Republican InsaniTEA," ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Democrats that are also fed up and will be in attendance at the Tax Day Tea Parties.

Even Obama's own ACORN was out bashing the millions of community activists concerned with the direction our government has been heading for the last 20 years.
ACORN is going to be engaged in a series of rallies across the country on April 15 in support of the priorities outlined in President Obama's first budget – investments in education, health care, and getting Americans back to work. This is the first we've heard of these 'tea parties' and, frankly, a gripe-fest by a bunch of conservatives whose preferred economic policies got us in this mess in the first place is of no interest to us."
It's probably just a coincidence that ACORN's Pro-Obama "protest" is occurring on the same day and in the exact same places as the more than 2000 Tax Day Tea Parties.

For the first time since the days of our founding fathers' Americans will come together to demand the return of their liberty from a corrupt political machine that cares more about special interests and corporate donors than representing the American people.

Tomorrow we will witness history, whether KCTV 5 is there to report the news or not, as millions Americans across the country, the globe even, call out, "no taxation without real representation!"


Anonymous said...

Hey dickhead. You call KCTV5 clueless but your right-wing nutjob website has a picture of the only reporter there who digs deep.

How about getting a clue? How about protesting wasteful government spending by wasting millions of tea bags. Ingenius!!!!! Go suck a lemon dipshit.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

You are one dumb cocksucker. Individuals buying and "wasting" their own teabags, has nothing to do with the Federal Government wasting TRILLIONS of OUR dollars, that DON'T BELONG TO THEM.

Way to blow off the real situation due to your bullshit libtard brainwashing. You have to be one dumb son of a bitch to not feel the halfbreed's hand in your wallet. You get what you deserve along with those of us who still have live braincells and know we are getting buttfucked by Homey the Clown and the demcongs of congress.