Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party

Just got back from the KC area Tea Party at Liberty Memorial (by just, I mean about 16 hours later) and boy am I feeling inspired. Here's a photo essay of how I saw the whole thing.

Because liberal bloggers like Tonyskansascity have to make every issue about race, more concerned with who, than why, we thought you may be interested in seeing the diverse group of people that came together to protest out of control spending and our ever growing tax burden.Bipartisan? Um, yeah. Just one of the many attendees who was as concerned with spending over the last 8 years as the last 80 days.

Unlike most paid protesters on the left, attendees to the Tax Day Tea Parties were not only informed and educated on the issues, but were actively promoting real plans for changing the status quo.Although we weren't trolling for KC area sudo-celebrities, we did meet a lot of interesting and creative people.Come on, convince me this guy is some fringe, wacko, racist crazy and not some kids jolly old grandpa.

Much of the mainstream media is reporting hundreds of people showed up at Tax Day Tea Party protests, thousands nationwide. You tell me, hundreds or thousands of attendees at Liberty Memorial while a simultaneous protest was going on in Johnson County?

The KC Star estimated crowd size at 4 to 5 thousand attendees, while other estimated at more than 10,000.

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locomotivebreath1901 said...

TKC is racists? You're kidding!