Friday, April 10, 2009

City Council's Gift to KC - 100 Less Police

Amidst budget shortfalls and rising crime (as frequently noted by tonyskansascity and by KC's own minority vigilante Alonzo Washington) the KC city council has opted to take some 100 police officers of the streets instead of making multi-billionaire sports team owners pay their own way, saving the city $1.7 million annually, or to leave off the city's nearly 50 water fountains that waste millions of gallons of water at a cost of more than $350,000 per year, a solution the city has taken before back in May of 1942 when the city turned off its fountains to save $1.50 per day on the electricity costs to run the their circulating pumps.

Mayor Funkhouser was the lone dissenting voice against a budget that puts the safety of Kansas Citians at risk. But that hasn't stopped local Obamaniacs from trying to recall the mayor.

Why would Kansas Citians want members of local government that want to keep cops on the streets, lower crime, and keep the citizens safe? By all means, lets keep the 12 corrupt members of the city council that are more concerned with little old ladies that think the government should enforce its laws and dress codes in KC's Power & Blight district than doing what's best for KC residents.
''I was a field organizer on the Obama Campaign. On the very last week of the campaign, my little team out in Blue Springs knocked on 12,000 doors, so my thinking is, if I can do that in a weekend, 30 days will be a piece of cake," Anne McGregor, organizer of the recall effort said.[1]

Fortunately for Mayor Funkhouser and the citizens of KC, Ms McGregor's efforts to win Missouri for Obama were as unsuccessful as her recall petition is likely to be.

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