Monday, March 2, 2009

PETA, You Know Who Else Was a Vegetarian?

None other than Germany's own Adolf Hitler.

No kidding.

UPDATE 3/3/09:

You too can be a Superstar Vegetarian just like Adolf Hitler! Just check out Peta's Superstar Vegertarian DIY page.

I Am Adolf Hitler, and I Am a
Check Out All the Celebrity 'Veggie Testimonials' at


Anonymous said...

'In spite of these beliefs, several persons stated that Hitler occasionally ate meat during the 1930s. Therefore, Hitler was not a strict vegetarian by the modern standard.'

Do you read your own references?

What exactly is your point anyway? People who care about animals are the same as madmen with too much power?

Silly...if your brain wasn't clouded by all that nasty flesh you consume, you might make sense.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone with half brain can tell the peta nut who says HItler wasn't a vegetarian because on a rare ocassion he ate meat is only try to deflect the fact that history's most notorios murder was also a vegetarian.

Kind of like how peta kills tens of thousands of dogs per year and its followers fail to hold them accountable.

Is the kansas citian saying peta people are like Hitler, I doubt it. But do a little digging,peta "loans" hundreds of thousands to known enviornmental terrorists who have actually killed people.

Why is it you don't ask why peta uses celebrities to push its agenda? are they saying everyone who is a vegetarian is a celebrity or somehow superior to carnivores?

FYI, the human body was designed to eat and process meat, dumb ass. And animals aren't people.

I can't seem to remember any animals that cured cancer, went to the moon, painted the mona lisa, or brought such ideas as empathy, equality, and liberty to the world.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So what? He had one good quality.
What are you thinking, because he didn't eat meat it created the monster he was? Poor try.

Anonymous said...

Fuck y'all.. Go Peta go!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone is reading the fine print at the upper left.

Ohh and fuck peta

stippi said...

Chill! Where is this stupidity coming from? So what if Hitler's been a vegetarian? Is this really your excuse for eating animals?

There is no excuse. I tried to find some myself when I ate animals, just because it tasted so good.
I decided to do the right thing and I wouldn't mind if you'd stop attacking it because you've git a bad conscience.

elmaxxxon said...

Adolf Hitler Jerked off!

am i bad too?

Anonymous said...

"Silly...if your brain wasn't clouded by all that nasty flesh you consume, you might make sense."

Nice try dumb-ass. Do you know how many animals die for your salad? Pesticides kills tons of animals. Harvesters kill all sorts of small animals. Technically, you are eating meat. There's no avoiding mice and insects getting caught up in the wheat, oats or any other crop you consume. Oh, and what about the land that is torn up for farms? Hypocrite.

And to those who say that Hitler wasn't a vegetarian...By that standard you can't say that Gandhi was either, or Pythagoras, or Einstein. They all ate meat.

Anonymous said...

"Go Peta go!!!!!!"


Nevermind the seals... CLUB the VEGANS!!!!!