Monday, March 30, 2009

PETA: People Euthanizing Tiny Animals to the Tune of 21,339

During 2008, PETA, the animal rights activist group, murdered 95% of the adoptable pets in its care. The announcement brings the total number of pets killed by PETA to 21,339.

Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the animal rights group kills an average of 5.8 pets every day at its Norfolk, VA headquarters.

According to public records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 2,124 pets last year and placed only seven in adoptive homes.

Despite an annual budget of more than $32 million, PETA makes no apparent effort to find homes for the thousands of pets they kill each year.
CCF Research Director David Martosko said: “PETA hasn’t slowed down its hypocritical killing machine one bit, but it keeps browbeating the rest of society with a phony ‘animal rights’ message. What about the rights of the thousands of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that die in PETA’s headquarters building?”

We guess PETA has more in common with Hitler than just their vegetarianism.


m.v. said...

if you haven't seen it, find penn and teller's bullshit episode on peta.

James said...

Saw it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the part about PETA loaning environmental terrorists hundreds of thousands of dollars and not making them pay it back.