Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's White House Press Conference, Take 2

Tuesday night President Obama held his second White House press conference. Once again the topic was centered around the current economic crisis and his budget proposal.

It appears the teleprompter crew realized this time around that the speech part of the press conference is directed towards the American people and not the reporters in the room. They finally switched from the two teleprompter layout, with one flanking the President on each side, to the single, center placed teleprompter layout, which is better suited for making the President appear as though he is addressing the viewers at home. So congrats to the Obama administration for only taking two press conferences to figure that out.

After his speech Obama took questions from the press corp. Oddly, he refused to take any questions from financial newspapers like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, nor did he take questions from financial networks like CNBC or Bloomberg. Oddly enough, Ebony magazine got their question about the so-called reappearance of tent cities answered.

Why is the President afraid to take questions from people knowledgeable about the economy?


Hoopstar said...

At least the president has had 2 conferences. How many did Bush have in 8 years? 2 sounds about right.

James said...

Actually, Bush had 8 in his first two years.

nicholaus said...

there you go james keep the post honest!

great job at being impartial and an american 1st

nicholaus said...

also why throw out ebony magainzine in this post as if they were the only publication that got their questioned answered

there were other publications that got answers instead of th ny times, bloomberg, and cnbc why not mention them....oh because oddly enough your attempting to make a race connection...since he does not have any other projected connection to the other publications that got their questions answered than of course you would leave them out because that would not seem partial...which you attempting to make him i guess he should have took a question from that gun toting bible thumping publication that sarah palin knows she reads to stay abreast of national events but can never remember their name...who are they?...the jethro bodean observer? the get er done gazette or how about he was not only afraid to take questions from people that "know the economy" but from right wing approved knuckle dragging race baiting bigots? no not accurate?

neither was the depiction of our president above

PickensPlan said...

Ebony is an entertainment magazine, not a respected news magazine. The "reporter" from ebony also illuded to a pantently false claim of tent cities popping up all over the country.

It would be no different than if Bush took questions from Guns and Ammo during press conferences. Or if Clinton took questions from Playboy.