Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The New Churchill

This guy gets it, why doesn't anyone in the American government get it? You can literally interchange everything this member of parliament says about Gordon Brown with President's Obama and Bush.

The good ship America is sinking under her massive debt and piling more and more on is not going to rescue her. The end of the American Dream is fucking nigh!

Hat tip: Vox Day


nicholaus said...

just an honest candid question james and friends...

for our fellow citizens that are loosing their homes and are struggling like a lot of america do to the horrible economic conditions and in some part do to bad personal fiscal decisions were currently in debt by virtue of the fact they are still paying a mortgage and are in jeopardy of loosing their home/investment and are attempting to refinance their mortgage and/or incur new debt for the sole purpose of preserving their initial investment would they be wrong for doing so?

And if so would just accepting the loss of their home/investment and not incurring any new debt by asking for a new mortgage because they have already made bad decisions and need to face the consequences of their actions be a viable option if it meant being homeless? Or better yet what would you do in that situation?

Take the accountable road and move in with a relative or be homeless because after all it was your bad decisions that got you in this mess why should a mortgage company help you preserve your investment and make a profit by doing so?

Or would you learn from your previous mistakes when you initially borrowed the money for your home/investment and accept a 2nd chance (though be it through a new yolk of debt) given via a new loan from a mortgage company that you can and will pay off because your economic circumstances “will bounce back despite your economic tinkering”? (like so many believe will happen to this country’s economy despite obama’s tinkering whether you agree with said tinkering or not.)

PickensPlan said...

What a bunch on nonsensical BS. To this date, despite spending 1.5 trillion dollars for bailling out so called toxic mortgage assetts, the fed has not spent one dollar, not one.

But hey, Harry Reid is getting that train from Disneyland to the Vegas strip he's been after for years. Bet that's really going to help those poor people that lost their homes.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi's new tax payer funded dock can be used to house some of those tent cities popping up all over.

But hey, why ask question like how Chris Dodd took $103k from AIG, then mysteriously changed the language in his ammendment to the stimulus bill to let the execs keep their bonuses, or the fact that Dodd's wife works for the Bermuda branch of AIG helping them dodge taxes.

Why ask why Barney Frank and Maxine Waters managed to get rushed bailout money to a bank in their district before all other banks that Maxine Water's husband just happens to serve on the board of.

Why ask why Barney Frank and Chris Dodd have no problems with Fannie and Freddie bailouts and when the Republicans tried to regulate them to avoid this mess Barney Frank said they were doing great and nothing was wrong.

Why ask when you can continue with your head in the sand and spouting pantantly false statements fed to you by NPR or whatever liberal bs machine has you so brainwashed.

PickensPlan said...

Sorry that should say why ask why Barney Frank and Maxine Waters managed to get rushed bailout money to a small bank in their district that Maxine Water's husband just happens to be on the board of despite the treasury telling that bank no earlier and before other banks with legitimate need.