Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Angry Mob of 60 Conservatives and Ron Paul Supporters Squared Off Against Officer and His Dog

A Modesto police officer and his K9 came across an angry mob of over 60 conservatives, Ron Paul supporters, and other anti-Federal Reserve domestic terrorists last night around 2am. Although the officer escaped with only minor injuries to himself and his dog, the angry crowd was yelling, "he was not going to leave the scene alive," according to police.

Some of the conservatives apprehended at the scene include 18-year old Alfredo Espinoza, 20-year old Andrew Mitchell, 19-year old Matthew Reyes, 29-year old William Rodriguez, 19-year old Junior Suarez, and 21-year old Gabriel Avila.

Of course, the assailants in this case were not actually conservatives, Ron Paul supporters, or anti-Federal Reserve zealots, but non-other than known Hispanic gang members. This attack on police comes on top of four officers killed in the line of duty by a man wanted on parole violations. Proving the people police officers should truly fear most are evil conservatives.

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