Saturday, March 28, 2009

American Inventor Hour 2009

This Saturday, March 28 at 8.30PM you can show your appreciation for America's greatest inventors, those who have devoted their lives to making our's easier and more productive, by switching on your lights, televisions, computers, and other appliances for one hour - AMERICAN INVENTOR HOUR.

Tell us how you celebrated AMERICAN INVENTOR HOUR by taking photos, making videos, and posting your celebrations to your blogs or twitter.

Take action! Start tonight at 8:30PM by celebrating AMERICAN INVENTOR HOUR!

Become part of the movement by spreading the word!


Anonymous said...

I was playing my PS3 on my 65" projector TV. My daughter was using several different inventions at the same time: she was sending text messages using her cell phone while perusing Facebook and Myspace on the computer. My son was on his xbox360, and my wife was using a classic American invention: several lightbulbs so she could knit.

My daughter was also using the microwave to warm up snacks.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore did not observe Earth Day.