Thursday, February 19, 2009

UAW Local 31 Reaping What It Sowed

GM recently announced that they will close or sell its Saturn brand line of vehicles as part of its effort to restructure the company. This move will be in addition to the 47,000 jobs and five plants it plans on closing.

The announcement should have members of UAW local 31, who work at the GM Fairfax plant, very worried. Not only does the Fairfax plant produce the Saturn Aura, but recent strikes at the plant for ridiculous concessions like allowing senior employees to do entry level jobs at senior pay levels make the plant a prime target for cost-cutting closure.

A spokesperson for UAW holds out hope that GM will opt to carry forward with its original plan to spend millions of dollars to retool the plant to build the Buick LaCrosse instead of closing the facility and laying everyone off.

It's only been nine months since GM caved under UAWs frivolous senior pay strike and the members of UAW Local 31 are starting to find out exactly what it is they've actually reaped.


Anonymous said...

well we are open for business and selling the buick Lacrosse.A good plant we were and still remain

Anonymous said...

Yeah with the more entry level works on the line than traditional workers.Cut are pay and speed up production. So much for us bailing them out so they can crap on us even more.