Friday, February 20, 2009

NY Post Guilty of Monkeying Around

Those evil racists at the NY Post are up to it again. This time they've seemingly compared Obama to a monkey by publishing the above cartoon spoofing a recent monkey attack and the pork loaded stimulus package signed into law by President Obama.

The fact that Obama, the historic first half-white U.S. President, didn't write the stimulus package and the cartoon is actually referring to the buffoons in congress doesn't really matter to race card sharks like Al Sharpton. So naturally, the Post buckled under the pressure, issued an apology, and probably made a substantial cash contribution to one of Rev. Sharpton's pet causes.

Funny coincidence, when hit the interwebs, a site that actually compared former President Bush to a monkey, we didn't hear anyone from the left crying foul then.

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chris said...

Just google "huffingtonpost" and "chimpy" to see how many times W, admittedly a terrible president, was compared to an ape.