Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Kansas Citian May Delay KS Income Tax Payments

Kansas City - Kansas State Income tax payments from the Kansas Citian may be late after staff at the Kansas Citian clashed over how to solve a cash-flow problem.

"We are out of cash, in essence," tKC Budget Director James said.

Budget committee members blocked Dir. James’ proposal to borrow the money from healthy savings funds to cover shortages in accounts used to meet the tKC’s Kansas Income Tax obligations.

The budget committee members said they won’t approve the IOUs until James either cuts the current budget himself or gives final approval for the plan they proposed last week slashing tKC's
entertainment expenditures — to balance the budget.

Budget committee members said they had no choice, that by principle tKC can’t borrow any more money from itself.

James disagrees and accuse the budget committee members of playing politics with Kansas’s revenue enhancements.

"Through their refusal to act today, the budget committee members are jeopardizing our states' pocketbooks for no other reason than to play games — games in which the only ones set to lose are Bowser, Gannon, and the Nazis," James said in a written statement.

Replied Budget committee spokesmen: "While we all can agree that these are trying times for our entertainment budget, we respectfully disagree with breaking our principles in order to pay our Kansas Income Tax obligations."

The committee approved the budget-cutting plan Thursday, but the director has yet to receive it. It is being proofread and could reach James as early as Tuesday.

His spokeswoman has said he will carefully consider it. He could sign it, veto it or veto portions of it.

Hey, if Kansas can avoid giving tax payers' their own money back because they decided to use that money to pay for some bureaucrat's pet project, should the reverse not be true for tax payers?

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locomotivebreath1901 said...

When I was young & stupid and paying income taxes in my early years, I mailed my federal & state tax returns by addressing an envelope to myself, and putting the fed & state as the return addressees - but no postage - in order to accomplish a Return to Sender delivery.

Didn't work. They caught my scam, expended more time & money to send it back to me and forced me to buy legitimate postage.

I'm not sure how that story applies to your inventive solution except to illustrate that the gub'mint has no sense of humor.

Go figure.