Monday, February 23, 2009

First ACORN Foreclosure Arrest

"This is our house now," ACORN member Louis Beverly reportedly said after cutting a lock with bolt cutters at the home.

ACORN reportedly has enlisted more than 500 volunteers criminals to break into foreclosed homes and interfere with officers enforcing eviction notices.

Louis Beverly, the first member of ACORN arrested under the plan, will be charged with 4th degree burglary.
ACORN launched its "Home Savers" campaign in New York earlier this month and plans to expand the program to at least 22 other cities and three counties nationwide in the coming weeks. Participants like Beverly say they will refuse to move out of foreclosed homes or reclaim properties altogether until a comprehensive federal housing plan takes affect.

Louis Beverly was not the home owner, nor was she ever a resident of the property she was arrested breaking into.

As we've reported previously, ACORN's call for civil disobedience qualifies as criminal conspiracy. Now that the nationwide organization has actually moved forward and employed an army of criminals to carry out their plans to disrupt the foreclosure process they are in direct violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

To recap, ACORN has been guilty of perpetrating the following crimes (that we know of) in just the last 6 months:

Voter fraud
Criminal conspiracy
"I've been fighting alongside ACORN."
- President Barack H. Obama


Anonymous said...

They want their free houses and they want them NOW!

Sherry said...

LOUIS BEVERLY – Co-Chair ACORN Foreclosure Fighters

This is the guy that actually cut the lock on Donna Hanks house.

This guy is totally misrepresenting himself. He tells reporters that he’s a homeowner facing eviction next month. It appears the eviction he’s talking about is on one of his rental properties, not his home. According to a quote on 1/09/07 Mr. Beverly states that he owns 15 properties around town (I found six houses associated with him). Not quite a victim!Based on the civil cases he’s had over the years (failure to maintain property, dumping, building not fit for human) he appears to be a slum-lord.

The property he has currently in foreclosure has been going on since March 2007 and was sold 11/17/08 to a man named Maurice Bost.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Bost chose to purchase a home owned by Mr. Beverly as on February 13, 2009 charges were filed against Louis Beverly for 2nd degree Assault and destruction of property by Mr. Bost. It seems that Louis Beverly is willing to go farther than just “civil unrest”, he’s willing to attack.

Which is a little frightening since Mr. Beverly was charged in 1992 with Battery, Assault, Possession of handgun and Possession of deadly weapon with intent to injure. He also had a Peace Order issued against him on 9/25/06.

This is the guy that ACORN chooses to be their Co-Chair of the Baltimore ACORN Foreclosure Fighters? It seems he much better qualified to be a voter registration employee based on their employees during the election or do they choose people with these types of backgrounds to represent them since most law-abiding citizens wouldn't break into homes?


This is ACORN’s other poster child in Baltimore. She’s a “victim” of a foreclosure crisis.

She doesn’t mention that she’s employed at John’s Hopkins (I verified this morning that she’s still employed there – her work phone is 410.502.1065) with a monthly net income of $3,076.02 and her mortgage is only $457 a month according to her bankruptcy paperwork.

Note: this is not a subprime loan, her interest rate is 4% according to her – 6.25% according to the lender paperwork

In video – June of 2008 she sought assistance from an attorney.

Truth – She has had the same attorney (Marlene Johnson, Esq.) since the inception of her bankruptcy October 15, 2005.

On 1/05/07 the Trustee’s Recommendation shows that she was behind in her mortgage payments by $6,216.20; approximately a year of payments.

In video – On November 12, 2008; after returning home from a business trip she had a message from her attorney her told her that morning her property went up for foreclosure.

Truth – The 2nd foreclosure was filed on 8/22/08 and an affidavit was sent to Mr. Jones-Chew and her attorney the same day and posted on her front door on 9/09/08. At that time was again at least 3 months behinds in her payment (as of 5/03/08).

She says that her attorney was going to file an objection because her attorney thought the filing was done “mistakenly”. I guess the mistake was that she forgot to pay her mortgage.

An exception was filed on Mr. Jones-Chew’s behalf on November 26, 2008 and the mortgage holders attorney filed a response on 1/28/09. The case is still open.

She’s asking for the foreclosure to be reversed as the process was not done in a timely or professional manner. I can see her point - they've ONLY been trying to work with her since October 2005 - heartless...........