Friday, February 20, 2009

ACORN Committing Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal Consipracy
1. two or more persons agree to commit a crime or to perpetrate an illegal act. The end may be legal, but the planned means are illegal. For example, two persons making a plan to steal bread from a supermarket (illegal) to donate to a local food bank (legal) would be guilty of conspiracy. While intent is key in any federal conspiracy case, only “general intent” to violate the law is necessary; proof of the defendants’ specific intent to violate the law is not needed, only an agreement to engage in an illegal act.[1]

The activist group ACORN, made famous by their involvement in the subprime mortgage scandal and voter fraud on a mass scale in the past two presidential elections, is at it again. This time, they are calling on people who have stopped paying on their home mortgages to commit crimes by squatting on properties they've been evicted from or by vandalizing properties that have already been vacated due to foreclosure.

People who refuse an eviction order are committing criminal trespassing. ACORN is conspiring with these individuals to commit a crime.

First vote fraud, now criminal conspiracy, exactly how many laws is ACORN going to be able to break before they are shutdown and its staff prosecuted?

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