Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Don't Gotta Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here: 500K Illegal Immigrants Defying Deportation Orders

Obama's beloved Aunt Zeituni was ordered to leave the United States in 2004. Four years later, she's still here; living in public housing and donating to her nephew's presidential bid. She's not alone.

After paying smugglers $40,000 to get his family to the United States, Juan, his wife and 3-year-old son were caught the moment they crossed into Arizona from Mexico. A judge ordered them deported, released them on bond and gave them three
months to leave.

Nine years later, they are still living in the United States.

In case you were wondering what happened to dear old Aunt Zeituni after her nephew became president, she's moved to Cleveland and hired an immigration attorney to fight her four year old deportation order. We wonder if her sweet nephew Barry is footing the bill?

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Anonymous said...

No matter what the two sides say, the left nor the right can stop the big problems coming.

The worse the economy gets and the more jobs that are lost, the more these desperate Americans will take even a job at McD's or as a janitor. Now think to yourself: what do you think will happen?

In a way, I think this whole "GLOBAL ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE" is going to do a lot of good. And illegal immigration is just one of the problems it will help to correct.

It's going to help bring families together again. Fewer moms and dads will be able to "afford" to divorce. Instances of multi-generational households will increase.

It's correcting Wall Street. After some 10-15 years of what I believe is a falsely inflated stock market due to the mortgage fraud, I believe the markets will stabilize around 7500-8000.

The dependency on a Christian Holiday (that's being stripped of its namesake) that many businesses rely on just to survive the rest of the year will now become known for it's Christmas Spirit and original meaning rather than pure greed and materialism. Hopefully people will enjoy Christmas again as it was originally intended to be: a Christian, family-oriented holiday not based on irresponsible spending and associated stress. Personally, I would be very happy to see Christmas spending chopped by some 80% compared to last year.

Sure, it will be tough times. But we need this to get Americans back to reality and quit living in a dreamland that can't exist. Back to where the rest of the world sees Americans as hard-working instead of fat, lazy, whiny babies.

So... if you're in America illegally, keep your suitcase close at hand. Maybe a few Americans can make a few bucks helping smuggle illegals BACK to Mexico when the jobs dry up here.