Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who is the Midtown Miscreant Sleeping with at Crime Scene KC

As avid readers of both the Midtown Miscreant and the KC Red Star's Crime Scene KC we've begun to notice a growing obsession towards KC's most infamous ex-con blogger.

We used Crime Scene KC's little Google search tool to see just how many times they've mentioned him on their site. It appears they might just be keeping closer tabs on MM than his parole officer.

Crime Scene KC makes mention of the Miscreant no less than 585 times. To be fair, some of those are MM commenting on some of their posts, but a disturbing amount are entire posts dedicated to lavishing the amateur journalist with literary praise. No doubt one of the reasons Alonzo Washington is so upset with him.


m.v. said...

mm is very good and it's probably an easy link on their blog on a slow day

James said...

No doubt. mm is a good read. I just thought it was funny how much crime scene talks about him. I am sure it has a lot to do with his active participation on their site.

Im also a tad bit jealous. ;)

James Hart said...

James: I link to Double-M for a couple of reasons. He tends to write about crime more than most bloggers, for one. And I think he's a really good, funny writer.

I think I've linked to your blog a few times, though I can't be sure. You are in my RSS reader, though. I've tried to link to other local folks, such as JoCo SOB, The KC Guy, TKC and others when it's worked out.

If you've got a really good post, especially one that's crime-related, feel free to drop me a line at jhart@kcstar.com to make sure I don't miss it. Thanks, and have a good one!

Midtown Miscreant said...

In all fairness, james at crime scene probably is second only to TKC in linking local blogs. On a brighter note, alonzo linked you on his myspace page!