Monday, November 10, 2008

Stop the Presses! 50 More KC Star Employees to Get the Ax

Amid declining revenues and circulation, the Kansas City Red Star has announced they will be firing 50 more employees.

Publisher Mark Zieman, the same guy who is registered to vote in KS and MO, says the paper is also currently considering a possible sale.

Perhaps if the Star really wouldn't to win back a few thousand lost subscribers, they might consider axing their entire editorial review board and one Lewis Diuguid, whose sole job at the paper seems to be labeling everyone in the city a racist.

UPDATE (6:11 pm cst): Names topping the list of those who have been axed: Lee Judge and Hearne Christopher, Jr., As expected Lewis Diuguid avoided that ax yet again. The constant threat of the racial discrimination lawsuit that would no doubt accompany such a firing seems to continue to work in his favor.

h/t: Bottom Line Communications

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Anonymous said...

In the spirit of helping out, let's all join in a big chorus of "your racist" in celebration that Lewis didn't lose his job.

Is Lewis Dobad even on the KC Star's payroll? Wouldn't that be extortion if he is?