Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Real Communists Respond to Obama Election

Our favorite Russian speaking friends took the time to translate a statement released by Russian Communists regarding Barack Obama's election to President of the U.S.

Some of the more interesting excerpts:

We, the communists, think that McCain should react to the loss as an officer and shoot himself, or he will lose all the remaining respect. Although many leftist forces in the USA, including (on our request) the Communist Party of the USA supported Obama, we understand that Barack is still controlled by the Pentagon and the Wall Street.

Russia cannot relax and should be ready for the continuation of the cold war. However, there is still a chance that Barack Obama will conduct realistic policy and will involve new people in his administration. Communist and Socialist Parties in the United States and negro* organizations need to demand that Obama includes their representatives in the governmental structures! Maybe Obama will be smart enough to extend the welcoming hand to Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Korea, Zimbabwe and Palestine.

We are warning the American progressive forces that if Obama conducts reasonable policy, rejects Bush’s aggression and intervention, CIA will try to kill the new president. In this case American left forces should try to hide him in some kind of “uncle Tom’s cabin”. However, if Obama yields to the pressure from the bankers and reactionary military, all the workers who financed his campaign should demand their money back.

h/t: Kansas City with a Russian Accent

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