Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama's Mama's Mama Dies

On the eve of her grandson's greatest moment, Barack Obama's white grandmother has died. In a joint statement with his sister, Obama stated his grandmother lost her long bout with cancer. Oddly, her recent hospital visit was for a fractured hip resulting from a fall and not for cancer.

Our hearts sincerely go out to Barack Obama's children who were unable to see their great grandmother, the woman who raised their father, one last time before her passing. It truly is a shame that a man who calls himself his brother's keeper couldn't make more of an effort to give his kids the opportunity to visit with the most senior member of their family.

UPDATE: We're hearing rumors that a Hawaiian hospital worker is saying that Obama's grandmother actually passed over a week ago and that Obama didn't travel to be by her side, but to make arrangements. If true, this would certainly explain why Obama neglected to bring his kids. It would also make him the most despicable man on the planet for using his dead grandmother as a campaign stunt to generate election eve sympathy votes. We'll doubt this Internet rumor until and if any proof is produced.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Pretty f**king cynical, KC. Even Townhall gave some sincere condolences. Is that the civility Barack Obama speaks of?

James said...

"Our hearts sincerely go out to Barack Obama's children"

Should we be sympathetic to a Barack? No, I don't think so. This is a man who leaves his brother in squaller, his aunt in a slum, and his uncle on the street.

When Obama "became" aware of his Aunts illegal donations, he cut her a check for the exact amount of the fraudulent donation, no more. He hasn't been photographed with his grandmother in over twenty years, didn't take his wife or kids to see her when he knew she was dieing. Barack Obama is a dispicable human being. And Biden isn't much better with his crappy $369 a year in charitable contributions.

I donate significantly more than that and don't make any where near what he does.

So you tell me. Who wants to help the less fortunate more?

The man who gives from his own pocket or the man who wants to give from other people's pockets.