Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama: I am My Brother's Keeper

Barack Obama has repeatedly said "I am my brother's keeper." Yet, we know his half-brother in Kenya lives in squaller, his aunt lives in Zeituni Onyango lives in broke down public housing in Boston, and his Uncle Omar appears to be homeless. So while Barack Obama likes to say he is his brother's keeper, in reality he wants us to be his brother's keeper.

Take for example his Aunt Onyango, who Barack Obama wrote affectionately about in his book Dreams of My Father. Aunt Onyango, who lives just up the road from Harvard University where Obama attended law school, is an illegal immigrant according to an article published by the Associated Press.

The Obama campaign says the Barack had no idea she was in the U.S. illegally and believes that the law should be followed with regards to her immigration status. Even if true, it is clear that he did know she was living in an extremely poor area of Boston because he invited her to his Senate inauguration in 2004, which she did attend.

Obama's Aunt Onyango is proud of her nephew. In fact, she is so proud that she illegally contributed $250 to his presidential campaign. A revelation the Obama campaign doesn't need since it has been embroiled in controversy over other illegal campaign contributions.

Barack Obama and his wife earn over $1 million a year. Yet, he seemingly has no charity in his heart for his Aunt, who relies on public housing, his uncle, who is out on the streets, and his half-brother, who lives in a shack. And when he suspended his campaign to be by the side of his ailing grandmother, the woman who raised him, he didn't bother to bring his wife or kids for one last visit with Nana.

He says he is his brother's keeper, but hasn't lifted a finger to help his own family when they so desperately need it. Still he has the gaul to tell Joe the plumber that he wants to spread Joe's wealth around.

Even Barack Obama's own running mate, Joe Biden, failed to find charity in his heart when it came to his money. In the past decade, Biden and his wife gave an average of just $369 per year to charity.

It seems the only time Barack Obama and Joe Biden really care about the poor is when they can do so with other people's money.

If we were able to speak to Barack Obama and Joe Biden we'd leave them with this one simple message from Thomas Fuller, "Charity begins at home."

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