Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Celebration Turns Violent in Kansas City

Yesterday's election marked a historic moment for black Americans. Unfortunately, a few overzealous supporters may cost one Kansas City man his life.

Late last evening some Kansas City area supporters of Barack Obama took to the streets in celebration. Looking less like America and more like a third world country, a few of these supporters began hoisting and firing guns into the air.

Nearby police were in pursuit of a suspect. When the suspects car became immobilized police took defensive positions to attempt to apprehend him.

When the suspect emerged from his car shots rang out. The officers, thinking the suspect was shooting and fearing for their safety, fired at the suspect reported MyFox 4.

UPDATE: Eyewitness account of the celebration.

UPDATE: Looks like this wasn't an isolated occurrence. Man in Vermont fires gun 18 times in his own home celebrating Obama victory, "sending a hail of bullets into neighboring homes". I guess he doesn't know the age old adage that what goes up must come down.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I saw that story on Fox4 this morning. i thought the cops were a little trigger-happy when i heard that.