Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Missourians Overwhelmingly Vote to Make English the State's Official Language

A Missouri measure passed with 89% percent of the vote that will amend the state's constitution to make English the official language of all state and local government meetings. The amendment will also requires all ballots, drivers license exams, and other government documents to be produced in English only.

To help our non-English speaking friends who might be negatively impacted by this amendment, we thought we'd help you find a discounted copy of the English language version of the award winning language education software, Rosetta Stone. Enjoy!


Kansas City Tech Support said...

I think it's only fair that if you live in a country, you should learn that language. I am currently trying to tackle Spanish and Russian: Spanish for my field of work, and Russian for my own personal interests.

To not know the language, leaves you vulnerable and possibly in danger if you cannot read the language of the land. Trying to convert signs into dual or multiple languages ultimately can be confusing. Ever try to read an owner's manual when the English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian instructions are not separated and mingled together? In a fast-paced world, trying to decipher what words are recognizable and are not is time-consuming.

HOWEVER -- I think studying a second or third language is extremely beneficial to your concept of grammar; even your native tongue. Knowledge is power, even if it is something as minuscule as knowing what people passing by are saying.

I strongly encourage non-native folks who are here to not only learn the English language, but do it thoroughly. Nobody wants to be the odd man out, and certainly you don't want to be caught in a situation where you need to know what a sign says when time is critical.

And of course, I encourage all Americans who are/will be going abroad to do the same. Have some respect for the native speakers and honor them by using their language. This world is not one giant fast-food restaurant where the same cheeseburger is served globally, but rather many peoples, many cultures, each unique and each with a culture to discover.

The artist in me says that multiple peoples, languages and cultures are true diversity. Yet the common sense and safety side of me says to use the language of the country you are in. You expand your own mind, and show great respect for your host country.

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