Monday, November 10, 2008

Lynn Jenkins' Husband Files for Divorce

When newly elected Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins from Kansas sign for a special delivery from her husband after the election, we're guessing divorce papers wasn't what she had in mind. Prime buzz is reporting that her husband, Scott Jenkins, filed for divorce from the couple's 25 year marriage in Shawnee County on Friday. They have two children.

Congratulations to you Scott Jenkins, winner of today's d-bag of the year award for your prowess at taking your wife's moment of glory and taking a big, steamy dump on it!


Anonymous said...

Uh, word on the street is that she cheated on him some months ago and go him to agree to sit on it (pay-out?) until after the election. Who is the d-bag now?

Anonymous said...

uh word on the street, it's nobody's business and accusing someone of having an affair is pretty low

Anonymous said...

Divorces are not a good thing, and affairs are even worse. And the worst of all is that society will chalk it up as "normal" or even dig their noses in it.