Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Demockery in America - Live Blog

There were hundreds of thousands of voter registration shenanigans before the election. Did you really think we'd get through election day with out more craziness?

We'll be keeping an eye on the Intertubes, radio, and TV to bring you all the craziness going on. So be sure to refresh (F5) periodically.

-- Election Fraud Events (color coded for her pleasure) --

Kansas City, MO 9:00 a.m. cst - Obama supporters chant and harass voters waiting to cast ballots at polling place located at 87th and Blue Ridge Pkwy.

Philadelphia, PA - "GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status." [1] The poll watchers were ejected in violation of Pennsylvania law.

Virginia - McCain files suit to extend absentee ballot deadline. The case argues Virginia election officials failed to mail the ballots in a timely enough manner for servicemen and women to have enough time to return their ballots before the deadline. [2]

Minnesota - Al Franken mailer reminds unregistered voters in MN that they only need a registered MN voter to vouch for them to cast a ballot. [3] After receiving early exit polls that show things much closer than expected, Obama's MN campaigner Jeff Blodgett is calling for an emergency GOTV effort. Reagan didn't even win MN in 1984.

New York - Sen. Hillary Clinton campaigns for Obama inside a polling location, less than 10 feet from the voting booths, a clear violation of electioneering laws. Watch the video.

Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Virginia and Nevada - Out of state Obama staffers illegally casting ballots in several swing states, violating residency requirements. [4]

Virginia - Ballots getting soaked by water dripping off of wet voters. Wet ballots reportedly being separated and stored in "secured" container. [5]

Florida - Palm Beach voters continue to show incompetency. Casting under votes because they forgot to turn the page. This issue is only affecting some Florida constitutional amendments. [6]

Kansas City, MO - Voter registration books sent to wrong polling locations. One affected polling place is Immanuel Lutheran Church at 1700 Westport Rd. No word yet on whether the book mix up has been resolved. [7] Donklephant is reporting this issue has been resolved.

Philadelphia, PA - Members of the Black Panthers harass and intimidating voters, reports Fox News. [8] Video Police removed a member of the black panthers brandishing a nightstick and saying "a black man is going to win the election no matter what." New video of black panthers with nightstick performing "security" at the PA polling location. Another new video, this one shows police responding to the scene. CNN finally covers this story, calls the nightstick wielding perp a "man in a black outfit with a beret" and makes no mention of his Black Panther affiliation.

Lucas County, OH - Democrats inside Lucas County, Ohio polling place providing possibly illegal "voter assistance". View the video.

Kansas City, MO - Kansas City Red Star publisher Gregory M Zieman currently enjoys being registered in both Kansas and Missouri. In MO he is registered at his wife's address, in KS his daughter's. There is no evidence he has voted twice in the same election, but may have voted in key issues across state lines at various times in the past. [9]

Pontiac, MI - Republican poll watchers illegally tossed from Pontiac, Michigan polling locations. Reports are coming in that legal action is being taken to reinstate the poll watchers. [10]

Highland Park, NC - In Highland Park, North Carolina Obama supporters are shouting at and harassing voters. Poll managers are refusing to contain them and voters attempts to complain to the county election board have been unsuccessful. [11]

Cambridge, MA - Cambridge, Massachusetts polls accidentally used 2004 registration lists. The state's Secretary of State has issued an apology. [12]

Missouri - Reports of misleading robo-calls talking about "tomorrow's election" being investigated by Secretary of State Carnahan. [13]

Bossier City, LA- Leroy James proudly voting twice for Obama because he's registered at two different address in Louisiana. [14] A quick registration check confirms he is indeed registered twice, once at Hamilton Rd. and once at Scott St. in Bossier City, LA.

New Hampshire - Republican poll watchers being kept away from registration tables. McCain campaign has filed suit. [15]

Philadelphia, PA - Obama campaign materials being distributed inside a Philadelphia, PA polling location. See the video.

Everywhere, USA - The biggest problems still seem to be long lines. We're sure it's not helping things when voters like Phil Lindsey and the Pitch's David Martin wage their one-man wars on voter ID inside polling locations, holding up the already long lines.

Lancaster, PA - Voters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the state's largest Republican area, are receiving calls telling them their polling locations have been moved. At least one of the calls was traced back to a man in Philadelphia, PA. [16]

Delaware County, PA - Democrats claiming Republicans intimidating voters by setting up tables outside polling location and asking for names and party affiliations before voter enter (some might call this polling). Sheriff's department was reportedly called. [17]

Missouri - MO secretary of state Carnahan is saying that Missouri voters are receiving text messages telling them the election has been moved to tomorrow. [18] You've got to see the image of the text message... are people really dumb enough to fall for this stuff?

It's nearly 3:30 pm cst. Where are the exit polls? In 2004, exit poll data leaked to the Internet around 1:00 pm cst. Some pundits believe the lack of exit poll data may indicate McCain is leading, though we won't hold our breath. One pundit predicts a McCain landslide victory. We'll let him, Paul N. Marston, tell you why... Something about PUMAs, which apparently stands for (Party Unity My Arse).

Minnesota - Felons being allowed to illegally cast ballots... from behind bars! Watch the video of the report from MyFox9.

The DrudgeReport is reporting the Exit Polls have been leaked. Obama "popping the cork".

Philadelphia, PA - Ron Jones or Philadelphia, PA tells a CNN reporter he has already come back and voted "a couple times". See the video which aired live.

Gary, IN - Republican poll watchers ejected from Gary, Indiana polling location. See the video.

Oakdale, CA - Spanish language ballots found in Oakdale, California were premarked with votes cast for Barack Obama. [19]

Gawker is reporting exit polls in key swing states showing Obama with a smaller margin lead than last poll numbers. Drudge is now saying Obama "+15" in PA, doesn't jive with Gawker's number.

St. Louis, MO - Judge halts hearings of dozens of eligible voters who believe they sent in change of address forms but were not processed properly. [20]

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