Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Berg V Obama: Full-page Washington Times Ad

Philip J Berg is still fighting to see the vault copy of Obama's birth certificate. Here's the pdf of the ad.

Alan Keyes has filed a similar lawsuit in California.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Ah, Phil Berg and Alan Keyes - the cream of the moral crusaders. You have to admire their ferocious integrity.

Rumor has it, Sam Wurzelbacher has brought a suit against "Socialism" in Ohio superior court. And Sarah Palin is still considering a civil action against Bill Ayers and Barack Obama as co-defendants for radical infliction of emotion distress.

James, come on brother. You are above this garbage. Don't give a voice to it.

Anonymous said...

Shhh... be quiet James. The Obama SS might hear you!

James said...

Just covering the story. My opinion is Obama is natural born... but then the question becomes why won't he just release the damn thing and be done without.

These stories are going to persist until he does.

And as long as the rumors persist, there will be questions in the minds of foreign leaders if any treaties Obama signs will be held up if it is later found out he was not eligible. Not to mention the constitutional crisis created by the lack of anyone having the ability to force the natural-born requirements of Article II.

James said...

er enforce

Warm Apple Pie said...

Must our public servants grant audience to EVERY dirty scuttlebutt or purported peccadillo thrown around by the entire media spectrum?


What about the fact that McCain was not born on American soil, taking a special pronouncement of Congress to Americanize him?

What about Trig Palin? Fair game, right. I think it's disgusting that she pawn poor Trig off as her own child to protect Bristol now expecting number 2.

Governor Palin talks about radical associations. Okay - I'd like some answers about the Palins' ties to the Alaska Indepedence Party. Trust me, I've got substantially more evidence there than your propped-up quacks do on Obama's birth.

I want Bush and Cheney to produce evidence that they were not behind 9-11 and did not order a denotation of the buildings with internal explosives.

I want an abili from Bill Clinton on the night Vince Foster allegedly committed "suicide."

And I want to interview every astronaut affiliated with the Apollo space program. Let's just see what they have to say about their little "moon walk."

Crazy. Did you bother to read Phil Berg's complaint? You can find it in the Potatoe's archives. I'd throw a box of crayons into a kindergarten room and bet a better pleading could be produced.

James said...

What are you blathering about? Those are rumors. This is simple produce your vault birth certificate request.

The same thing you, I, or our parents had to do to enroll in public school.

Ted said...

You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:


locomotivebreath1901 said...

These ostrich people slay me.

We require more documentation for a notary public or a mortgage application.

But, it's only the presidency.

I agree do with James: Obama is more than likely a natural born citizen. Release this basic piece of info and be done with it.

But the guy still won't release his medical records or even his selective service registration records.

By contrast, the press had a cow over how many houses John McCain did(n't) own & how much Sarah's wardrobe cost.

Yet it's tinfoil hat nutjob time when people simply want to insure this guy meets the basic constitutional requirements??

It's dumb founding how willfully ignorant people want to remain about this guy.

Warm Apple Pie said...


John McCain's eligibility for the presidency raises fascinating questions, especially in my case, as I was born overseas at an American military hospital in West Germany.

The situation for McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone, has never been squarely addressed constitutionally, according to Michael Dobbs at the Washington Post:

"John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen' under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States."
--U.S. Senate Resolution, April 30, 2008.

On Wednesday evening, the U.S. Senate unanimously declared John S. McCain III a "natural-born citizen," eligible to be president of the United States. That was the good news for the presumptive Republican nominee, who was born nearly 72 years ago in a military hospital in the Panama Canal Zone. The bad news is that the Senate resolution is a non-binding opinion that fails to resolve one of the murkiest, untested areas of the U.S. constitution.

In an attempt to clarify the issues at stake, I am posting the key documents in the debate. For a more detailed look at the constitutional debate, see my story in today's print edition of the Post, available here. As a bonus for the conspiracy theorists out there, I am also posting exclusively an extract from the Panama Canal Zone birth registers for August 1936 that contains no mention of McCain's birth! Make of this what you will.


Oh dear - no mention of McCain's birth in the Panama Hospital's registry?????? Raise bloody hell, Neocons!!!! Raise bloody hell!!!!

I mean we just want to make sure "this guy meets the basic constitutional requirements."

Why didn't the press have a cow over this???????

Three days before the election:

HONOLULU — Officials in Hawaii say there's no doubt that Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, was born there.

Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Health Department director, said Friday that she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the department holds Obama's original birth certificate and that no state official ever instructed that it be handled differently.Some Obama critics have claimed that he was not born in the U.S.


Hmmm, just like Palin producing a letter from her doctor about her health records. Well not really. I mean it would be the same if she actually produced the official records then got an additional letter from her doctor to clarify the information.

Hey - ask the hospitals where you were hatched for an official record of birth and see what you receive back. It will probably look like the certificate Obama produced.

James, you do not lend credence, ESPECIALLY AS PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY, to every nutcup, wackadoo, hatchet man and partisan hack that is getting his or her rocks off by attempting to impede a duly-elected official from governing effectively, by responding a second time to asked questions.

What if his name was Barry Jefferson Smith and he was lily-white? Same questions? Here comes the outrage I'm sure - how dare you call us racists! On the contrary, I'm calling you Republicans.

That's all you'll be until you stop living by these double standards. Completely "inauthentic" according to Bobby Jindal.

If these questions truly present an exigent constitutional dilemma, I ask that you post one of the many stories in the blogosphere about McCain's questionable credentials. You know - to be fair and balanced like Fox News.

James said...

I have mentioned McCain's issues with the same thing. In fact, one of the lawsuits mentioned here, and the most intriguing, but not as notable is one that is sueing to have both of them produce their certificates.

But since, McCain has now lost it is less of an issue.

Plus, Berg is an active democrat and a credentialed attorney, which gives him some credibility that some of the other suits lack.

Again, this would all go away if he would just produce the document. Since he has already won election, he needs not worry about any "embarassment", just preservasion of the constitution.

Defective Pants said...

Can we get a little honesty from those still calling for his "real" birth certificate, even though they admittedly believe he is a natural born citizen? It's not that you care about preserving the Constitution. You are hoping against hope that Obama's "original" birth certificate or whetever it is you are clamoring for has something embarrassing like listing his father as "unknown." Then you can all have a good laugh, ignore the fact that he does know who his father is, and go on a vindication parade about him just being another politician covering up his past. Keep up the World Net Daily politics.

Or how about this - remember how annoying all the "Bush isn't a legitimate president" folks were? Well let me introduce you to the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Berg: "an active democrat and a credentialed attorney"

Thanks for teeing it up:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, [Berg is a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania; former candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate; an attorney with offices in Montgomery County, PA and an active practice in Philadelphia, PA, who prior hereto has filed a RICO lawsuit against Bush and others for the events of 9/11 and plans to re-file shortly] announced today that he was issuing a call for world leaders to arrest and try Bush and Cheney for the global crimes of 9/11/01.

Philip J. Berg, Esquire stated in a letter to the nations throughout the world:

“It is time for the nations of the world to come forth and take the leadership because of the failure of the United States Government and the States where crimes were committed on 09/11/01, where no thorough investigation and indictments occurred, to investigate, arrest and prosecute the people responsible for the murders on 9/11/01, specifically including George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. ”

Berg continued there is overwhelming evidence that:

“Bush and his cronies made 9/11 happen or let it happen. And, if they let it happen, then they made it happen. Either way, they are responsible; and more important, they have completely and unequivocally covered-it-up!”

Berg’s letter went on to say:

“The trial and execution of Saddam Hussein marks the “end of a difficult year for the Iraqi people and for our troops” according to President Bush.

Now, it is time for world leaders to take the lesson learned from Iraq and issue a warrant for the arrest of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney; arrest them; take them to a neutral country; try them for the murder of over 2,800 people from more than 80 countries on 9/11/01 and, when found guilty, sentence them appropriately. Jurisdiction would be proper in any of the more than 80 countries whose citizens were murdered on 9/11.


Yes, Berg is a 9/11 Truther Lawyer. He believes George Bush and his cronies either planned 9-11 or knew it was going to occur and let it happened. He believes the Bush administration let 2800 Americans die.

If you're with Berg and his hysterical, indefatiguable line of bunk claims, I've got nothing for you, James. I really don't. And his buddy, Andy Martin, lover of Jews, who he cites repeatedly in his court papers on Obama's birth. You can have him too.

Certain people are crackpots. You want to talk to them, fine. Serious people don't.

James, if I sue you for defamation tomorrow, alleging that you called The Potatoe a bunch of slimy, dirty Jews (just like Andy Martin called a federal judge) and the court throws it out after you move to dismiss, then I bring another defamation action based on the same made up statement in another court, should you suddenly litigate the case to its conclusion to discredit my claims?

I mean that's what you're asking Obama to do.

I'd get a Chris Matthews "thrill up my leg" if Obama walked up to Berg during a staged press conference and handed him a photocopy of the long-form birth certificate and walked away, but that would undermine his presidency and Berg would demand to touch, feel and hump the original copy, have it carbon-dated and acid tested.

James said...

Pie, I know Berg is also a 9/11 nut. Not news.

The fact remains he was a Hillary supporter and a deputy attorney general.

Pants, I honestly could careless if it says father unknown or whatever. That would never change his having already been elected. It may be slightly embarassing to him, but no more so than his cocain use. For me the issue is solely about the constitution.

The question here is do the people have the right to ensure the people running for President meet the requirements set forth in the constitution. If they do not, as thejudge in the berg case ruled, than who does?

If the people can't sue to enforce provisions of the constitution how do we sue to protect our first ammendment right, voting rights, property rights, etc?

Standing is a huge issue, the people created the constitution to limit the governments power, not the government creating it to define the rights of the people. The people need to be able to enforce it.

Warm Apple Pie said...

This comes from Pat Bateman, not at his computer, but monitoring the commentary second-hand. I'm just the messenger:

Bottom line, any continuation of this ridiculousness is just sour grapes and nothing more. It wasn't close. It was a massacre. Get over it. This has been vetted beyond vetted. Do you want placenta stamped "Made in USA" on it? Jesus.

Defective Pants said...

In what way hasn't he met the standards set in the Constutution? What purpose will any other document that can be produced, if any, serve? It's a valid birth certificate proving that he was born in America. What are you still waiting for? What might be there?

The courts would become an absolute unmanageable mess if every looney tune with a conspiracy theory had standing to sue for stuff like this. The requirements of the presidency are not personal rights, like you find in the Amendments.

If there was any possibility that he was not a citizen, this provision would be enforced by the US Attorney General or someone else. You may not like that, but we have chosen to be governed. And when you choose to be governed, you inherently give power to those governing, and have to defer to their discretion.

Warm Apple Pie said...

James, don't have time right now to give a full legal dissertation, but your answer is no one. No one has standing to sue on Article II presidential credentials. Congress may enforce them. For private citizens to have a recourse, Congress would have to pass a law granting the cause of action.

Try suing Congress for an improper exercise of their Art. 1, section 8 commerce power. Hey, I've got a more topical analogy - trying suing Henry Paulson on grounds of negligence or even fraud (you and I are on the same page of anger about the bailout I think) under the powers vested him by Congress. You could sue the Bush Administration for reckless expenditures (I'm sure you would like to) and his 2000-2006 rubber stamp Congress under the tax and spend clause?

I think all of these will meet with the same result - no standing, no cognizable injury, no cause of action as a citizen taxpayer. These a non-justiciable questions, no case and controversy, other annoying lawyerly terms, etc., etc., etc.

If Phillip Berg or Alan Keyes really had the American citizen's interests at heart, they would run for public office and hammer through new legislation giving a private right of action on the requirements of Article II, Sect. 1.

Unfortunately, Alan Keyes just can't seem to get elected. Go figure.

BlackTsunami said...

For Pete's sake, Obama has released the birth certificate on several occasions. And here is one of those occasions - http://www.nbcaugusta.com/news/elections/presheadlines/34587804.html

The problem is people with an agenda PRETEND not to notice when the truth is told. Then they can continuously ask questions.

Anonymous said...

forgive me, posting anon from my phone.

1 how was it a blow out? Clinton won by a wider margin. In fact, in pres elections since 1980 obamas win margin ranks 6th.

If you investigate HI law and the issue beyond partisan bs from both sides you would know that hawaii issues colb's for citizens born abroad to hawaii citizens. they will also re-issue a new colb if you change your name, etc. The original valut copy is kept because of this.

both presidential candidates should have been required to produce the document to each secretary of state as part of their eligibility. But since that is not required and there is some evidence that calls into question his actual birth place we now have all these lawsuits.

It is the rulings that are causing the crisis. Obama could end the crisis by just showing and setting a precident.

The fact that you see no problem with him refusing to shows you are looking at it in a strictly partisan fashion and not a constitutional one.

the election is over, the constitutional crisis of people not having standing to enforce our founding document is not.

Anonymous said...

as for what will be there, I think proof he is eligible. so why not show it and shut people up.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Because there is no crisis. Because Obama cannot shut EVERYBODY UP! I'd be more concerned if he was commenting on this lark.

Here's Michael Savage: Why in the world did he take time off from the campaign to visit the grandmother who then suddenly and suspiciously died virtually the night before the election?" Part of his claim that the Hawaii trip was to get the BC conspiracy in order.

If Obama caters to your malice now, what's next? What else will you require? Christ, you rush into war because Bush says "trust me, there are WMDs" and Powell shakes a vial of powder, committing all of our country's human and financial resources, yet a flimsy piece of paper becomes your cause celebre.

I hope Obama was born int Timbaktu or Bora Bora - anywhere but American, and you never find out about it. Why? Because you've lost the right to bitch with your asleep at the switch monitoring of YOUR Bush administration.

In the eloquent words of the Diesel: Republicans, how my ass taste?

Anonymous said...

support the iraq war, support bush?

you obviously haven't read this blog long. we are staunchly against the iraq war, and any attempt to try and take us to war with iran.

as for Bush, I would have voted against him in 04 had idiotic dems nominated anyone other than kerry.

you are so blinded by your devotion to your messiah that you refuse to see the damage these rulings face to the constitution.

I know the damage bush did and have put my money where my mouth is by donating to organizations like hope for america, and volunteering my time to fighting moves like warrantless wiretaps... you know the programs your messiah said were bad but when it was clear he was going to get to use them voted in fabor of, giving big telecom immunity...

it is sickening that you can be so blindly devoted that you can't see the forest for the trees.

Pat Bateman said...

My dear Lord Jesus, I had to log on just to comment on this madness. This is not - I repeat, NOT - a situation that Obama has to step up to the plate and "prove." He released a birth certificate. The hospital in Hawaii where he was born confirmed he was born there. You do not, as an elected official, have to prove a negative inference. How about this James: prove to me, within the next 24 hours, that you were born here. Do it beyond what Obama has done. Go. No, seriously. Go.

Fact of the matter is this: if you think that this story hasn't been vetted to the edge of reason and sanity, you're crazy. You think every intern at Fox News didn't want to be the one to get an off-the-record statement from someone in Hawaii that Obama wasn't born there? I mean REALLY, you think they softballed that one? That someone in the GOP wouldn't have found this "evidence" that he was born in Kenya or Libya or Alberta - anywhere but here?

Here's a negative inference for you: if there was even a CHANCE that Obama could have been disqualified from the presidential race when he was holding substantial and - as it happens - insurmountable leads in every poll out there, you TRULY do not think that if it had even been REMOTELY an issue that the GOP or a special interest would have been running commercials, ads, off-the-record comments or some sort of smear campaign about it? You think if the GOP could have tossed the Democratic candidate out on his ass for being Constitutionally unfit for the office that they would have spared any expense or left any stone unturned? You truly give your people zero credit, or else think that the Dems are omnipotent. I guess thanks for the compliment, but really - it's unwarranted. Dude was born in Hawaii.

Honestly - you give the "liberal media bias" waaaaay too much credit. You guys have to take it down a notch, truly. Step away from the crazy pills. Seriously. Stop it. Lose gracefully and serve the gatekeeper function of checking the party in power until such time as you have a chance to win back the faith of the nation.

This is not the way. You're making yourselves look terrible for even entertaining the debate. It frankly does not matter if you feel in your heart of hearts he was born here. You legitimize it by giving it an audience.

Defective Pants said...

Court rulings have NOT created this "crisis." This "crisis" has been self-imposed by people who refuse to accept the fact that Obama has provided as much if not more proof than any other president or presidential candidate in the history of this country. He has produced an official document PROVING his birth in this country. Case closed. The refusal to accept this as the proof that it is speaks more of you than it does Obama.

But for the sake of argument, I'm going to accept the possibility that his records were modified after birth, perhaps to insert his father's name. So what? It's still a BIRTH certificate! Change anything you want, it still shows that he was born in Hawaii. What of any relevance could have possibly been changed? Hawaii doesn't go around changing the COUNTRY of birth on their official documents. What could possibly be of any relevance to his qualifying to be president under the constitution?

This is insanity. If any one of us were asked to prove our citizenship and place of birth, we would all be producing the same exact document as Obama. And it would be enough - just like it's been enough for everyone else in the history of the world. Why is Obama different? Because some kook that wants to sue everyone and their mother decides he wants to dig deeper? Come on! There is no basis whatsoever for this challenge. It's disgusting and based in nothing but xenophobia turned desire to embarrass.

Defective Pants said...

The GOP? The Clintons would have been all over this like bill on a doughnut blow-up doll. Seriously, this is nearing 9/11 conspiracy territory.

Warm Apple Pie said...

And he cannot bend. If he does, he's walking away from the trickle in the dam. It will be crazy season in 2012 - from all sides: photographic evidence that Bobby Jindal sleeps with cats (if only the journalist would release that picture of him at the zoo), Palin is Trig's mother (well that's true, but still I don't think she has to prove the negative. Good ploy, Palin), Tim Pawlenty drinks blood (again true).

All kidding aside, you are creating a conspiracy. And Defective Pants is right - a razor's edge away from Truth in 9-11 territory. They asked the Bush administration to prove a negative: prove you didn't blow up the buildings.

Prove you are not from Kenya.

The case was discarded. Keyes's case will be chucked. How many trees have to die until you accept no paper you file will bring this groundless claim back from the margins.

Funniest part? If it came out that Obama was born in Kenya and moved to Hawaii at one month old, and Congress passed a resolution away acknowledging an American birth (you know, what's called the McCain interdiction), we'd still vote for him.

Move through the smoke of anti-Americanism. That's right, Bachmann doesn't have the market cornered - I say Berg, Keyes, Martin, Hannity (for putting Martin on his show without context) are all anti-Americans. No investigative reporting needed - I know they are. And if you swallow their medicine, you're no better.

Now if you'll excuse Obama, he has a country to run, an economy to fix, two wars to end and a country's standing in the world to restore. Sort of has a full plate. Send his apologies to Phillip Berg if he cannot get back to him.

Campaign tail-end of the news cycle fodder. Campaign is over, James. Give it a rest.

ED said...

Purely partisan. If McCain had won, WAP would be pouncing all over the place demanding that McCain prove he's a citizen when being born overseas.

WAP and HIS CRONIES like to make one think that they cannot question anything about their messiah. He's perfect in every way! Ahhh... it's like the second post said: James shut up = THEY'RE LISTENING...

Dems... turnabout is fair play. We got to hear alllllll about Bush this, Bush that. The wages of Dems winning congress and the WH:

Now YOUR GUYS get to be in the hotseat and under the microscope. Don't get your panties in a wad now - you still have 4 years yet to go! Better save some of that sanity for later...

ED said...

So after all the blah bah blah above... why again is it Obama doesn't want to just come forward with his Birth Certificate and say, "See? Berg is a dumbass!" Why wouldn't he want to make Berg look like a dumbass? It would ruin Berg's image and Obama would look like a baller. So... why wouldn't he want to do that? Because he's too good? Too righteous? Too busy?

It's actually looking better and better for Berg the longer Obama waits.

Pat Bateman said...

Ed, you're suffering from a classic case of "not getting it" syndrome. It comes right after denial of a traumatic event. Doesn't get as much press.

He has already released every piece of information necessary. He is not failing to issue something that is necessary to issue. Now, if he'd released no birth certificate whatsoever, I'm right there with you. But he did. He doesn't need Hawaii Five-Oh to go into the vault and get out anything else. He doesn't need to release photos of himself as a newborn with a hula skirt on and a volcano in the background.

Once you kowtow to those who demand things like this of you, you then are being evasive later on when the more absurd and more inappropriate demands are made.

Let's try another analogy for you...

Your wife suspects you of cheating on her and buying gifts for another woman. She demands to see the American Express bill. You show her. She contends this is evidence of nothing and you could have doctored this - show her the original receipts from these shops.

Sure, you could placate her. You could call every shop in town and ask if they have copies of those receipts. But is that what you'd actually do? Or would you rather say "no - I'm not doing that. What is YOUR evidence? I showed you the credit card receipt and I've told you that I'm not cheating - I'm not jumping through these hoops. What evidence do YOU have that I am, or is this just an exercise to see how far you can get me to go to prove an allegation that has no evidence that needs to be refuted?"

You would probably, if your wife persisted with this, consider strongly the idea of divorcing her because you suspected she might be insane. But at the very least, you would say "um, that's absurd. I'm NOT cheating and I just showed you a genuine end of the month statement sent by Amex. Further, we called Amex and they confirmed this was a true and accurate statement of the account. So what exactly is your boggle?"

And yet you want Obama - who has a little more important things than YOU do in the above hypothetical to deal with - to answer every insane crackpot? Where is BERG'S evidence?

See, the way it works when you bring a "lawsuit" is that you make allegations in good faith supported by either facts or a reasonable belief supported by the facts already known. When you're alleging fraud, as Berg is, you have to plead it with specificity. If you do not, your lawsuit is tossed and you are subject to sanctions by the court.

Where are Berg's contentions that are supported by facts? All he has is negative inference.

Here is another example: James, author of this blog, types it from the international space station and is actually a chimp. Prove to me that is not the case. Seriously. Prove to me that is not true beyond any doubt whatsoever. Go.

ED said...

So can you prove to me that you're not brainwashed, indoctrinated or otherwise not using some institution's PC at night to post from a mental ward?

Again, what's the big fuss?

So in a nutshell, you're saying Obama should always get the right to simply ignore people based on whether he likes them or not - or if his supporters deems the accuser a crackpot. Right?

You are also saying that we should blatantly ignore the Rules of the game. Obama doesn't need to provide that info, well, at least to anyone who doesn't support him, right? The Constitution is really "old-school" in your eyes anyways, right?

When it was Bush, every looney left-winger ( UH OH, and so is Berg - remember? He's on YOUR side shithead) got to accuse Bush of everything under the sun and ... where was you? Why weren't you there to defend Bush against such looney pricks? Maybe you were sitting back smiling and enjoying it - yes?

(how does it feel now?)

Even if I were to shut up, are you going to condemn all the rest who thinks there's something really fishy about this Obama? Are you ready to write off entire masses that feel the same way I do?

Again, what's so hard about producing a birth certificate? Why wouldn't Obama WANT to put the smackdown on this Berg guy and use him as an example for other would-be crackpot accusers?


Walking away from crackpot accusations don't help. Ignoring loud-mouthed Berg only helps to make Berg's case in the court of public opinion.

Is Obama too good for it? Is he too much of an aristocrat to have to deal with such "petty" things?

I would think Obama's pride is getting the better of him. And people like you running around saying, "Obama doesn't have to! Obama doesn't have to!" really isn't helping Obama's cause.

There are a LOT of "crackpots" out here who are not affiliated with any party, scratching our heads wondering how this Obama guy ascended the ranks so fast. A fellow whose associations in life span from plagiarists to criminal to terrorist. A guy who got elected years ago by booting his rivals off a ticket. A guy who spent less time in elected office than in elementary grades. Has people calling him the "messiah". Has folks thinking their vote for him will equate to not having to worry about gas or mortgages. AND HAS HAD THE AUDACITY TO BLATANTLY SAY HE'S GONNA "SPREAD THE WEALTH"?

To regular joes like me, this stinks more than something fishy. Something smells like shit.

You can write me off all you want. But are you gonna write off everyone else who is raising an eyebrow at this ordeal? What about those who haven't heard about this yet and are likely to become concerned when they do?

I have my birth certificate at home in my safe. Right next to my wife's and my daughter' birth certificatess. You probably have easy access to yours too. Why so hard for Obama?

This shouldn't have gone for so long. Obama should have been on the campaign trail squashing this months ago - even laughing at Berg while on stage. You don't let a seed of doubt be allowed to germinate and grow.

Very bad decision on Obama's part.

So... since Obama is too good for squashing his accuser like a bug in court, what do we do with all these people who Berg has "infected"? We wouldn't want this little virus turning into a full-blown plague, now do we? How about we start by separating these folks from the general population. And if any gets loose, we'll brand them with little yellow stars so others will know not to listen to them.

Yes... a much better way to stop the questions about the messiah. Why go after just one loon when we can target ALL the loons?

Sorry, Pat. You're missing the point. Call me what you want. Play psychiatrist from your PC if you like. But you are not changing anyone's mind here or anywhere. That line of just-ignore-those-you-hate isn't really pulling much in the real world with real people.

Oh, and by the way...

I have met James. And you're wrong about James. He's a swell guy.

He lives in the back caves of the Northwest with other Yeti. See that pic of him on his page? He really looks like that. I didn't think at first he was half-Yeti and half human but it's true.