Friday, October 31, 2008

YouTube Strikes Again: Kay Barnes Clueless About Fairness Doctrine

In a recent debate Missouri 6th district congressional candidate Kay Barnes was asked about the Fairness Doctrine.

Her response indicates that she has no idea what the Fairness Doctrine even is. Bet that won't stop her from voting in favor of it if elected.


Ed said...

HOLY F*CK! You gotta be kidding me! Damn, Kay - how the hell did you even get to be mayor??

If she gets elected, they better test her for Alzheimer's first. And if that ain't enough, test her IQ.

chris said...

Remember when Palin did not give the desired answer to the question of what is the Bush Doctrine? She was hammered. Granted, Kay is running for Congress, not the VP. But the local KC media doesn't seem to be concerned about Kay's lack of knowledge. I bet if Kay were a republican they might have covered it differently.