Thursday, October 30, 2008

YouTube and the 2008 Election

We've talked about how YouTube has impacted local elections. The BBC takes a look out how the hugely popular online video site has impacted the race for president.

The article says the following video from an Iraq War veteran ranks as the most viewed YouTube election video with over 11 million hits:


Chris said...

I don't agree with the Iraq War since the WMD turned out to be bogus. But that guy EARNED the right to speak. That ad was powerful given he never mentioned his war wounds, and the viewer was only able to see them briefly at the end. The ending made the ad.

George said...

I agree this video was powerful, but I almost didn't watch it because of the description at the BBC.

It stated it was "Made by an Iraq war returnee." No where did it mention he was an AMPUTEE.

I wonder why they did not describe him as an Iraq war amputee? Anyways, I did finally watch the full video and was surprised at the ending.