Monday, October 6, 2008

Who's to Blame for Freddie and Fannie?

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Ed said...

Barney Frank was PROBING the WRONG FANNIE while IN BED with Herb Moses. And now Barney won't POUND OUT responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately, it's the average American who will TAKE IT IN THE ASS, all thanks to some gay politician who had his mind on shit-sex instead of our nation's economical interests.

And what's worse is the Dems will win all over the place come November, voted in by folks who were blinded by unrealistic promises and false hopes.

This Congress has the lowest approval record in history, yet blind sheep will flock in masses to the polls and keep them in office. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You hate this Congress yet you want to see them back in office? Do we really need to issue IQ-tests outside the polling places in order for you to vote? How about a simple questionnaire based on recent history and politics to make sure you're not drunk and was handed a "How To Vote Democratic" pamphlet?

God help us all. We can only blame these crooked politicians for only one term. If they get re-elected, then it's the PEOPLE'S fault for giving the office back to them.

"They all float down here..."