Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Supports the Union Worker?

Recently the UAW (United Auto Workers) union began running ads attacking John McCain. Unions have had a long tradition of supporting Democrats. But one thing that has always puzzled us is UAW's support for Democrats.

It's true that Republicans aren't likely to support UAW's efforts to take away workers' secret ballot or offer support for senioritied works to do entry level jobs at experienced worker wage levels. But who exactly does UAW think their target customer is?

Ask yourself what the political affiliation is of the owners of these two vehicles:

What about the owner of these:

Or these:

Who is more likely to buy an UAW/American-made automobile?
A - University Professor
B - Community Organizer from Chicago
C - Hollywood Actor
D - Joe the Plumber

UAW workers, the next time you go to the polls, ask yourself why the American auto industry is hurting so bad. Ask yourself who really buys the cars you are making, the cars your employer must sell in order to pay you your wage and provide you with your pension. Ask yourself how UAW's support for Democrat socialist policies make the bible thumping, redneck, nascar watching, beer drinking, and most importantly American car buying voter feel about continuing to purchase UAW made vehicles.


Anonymous said...

You are right on target it was the Plumber. Infact it was also the American Businessman who bought the UAW made Trucks and Cars. The UAW constently bites the hands that feed them but that will end soon who That One AKA the Messiah will cause the rest of the US domestic based auto companies to close up shop in the US. Great to see another Kansas Citian on Freerepublic.

george said...

My car is now 6 years old and I want to get a new one. I was thinking about getting one from the Big 3, but this post has woken me up. Why on Earth would I buy from these guys when they constantly work against me?

At my business we keep our political affiliations private because we know we have democrats and republicans as customers. We don't want to offend anyone. Each is entitled to vote for whomever they choose.

The UAW should rethink this. I am not saying they should suddenly vote republican. No one should be forced to vote one way or another. But they should remember that their open support only alienates 50% of the country, the 50% that probably buys their cars.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, James. As the auto industry has done for the past 30 years, they are living on the ideals of a bygone era.

In the 50's, 60's, and even part of the 70's, we supported American cars made by American workers. But then their quality went downhill fast. (Interesting history read concerning the turning point of American automobiles: google "Body By Fisher")

If the car companies all support ideals that don't match my own, then why support a car company that makes crappy cars? Patriotism? The left has already taught us that it's a-OK to not be patriotic.

Sorry Big 3... you just added insult to injury. We're a service-based nation now. We're not scared anymore to see you die off...