Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where is the Outrage?

When a Washington Post fashion columnist pinned an article entitled "Hillary Clinton's Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory", in which the female author discussed Hillary's new sexy look, the mainstream media and feminist organizations went berserk. The Washington Post received hundreds of letters and was blasted in article after article in the mainstream press.

You may or may not be surprised to discover that the same media and feminist organizations that were so outraged by a fashion writer discussing Mrs. Clinton's cleavage have been noticeably silent about blatant sexist attacks on Sarah Palin from the left.

On Barack Obama's own website they ran the following image of a t-shirt currently being offered for sale: Sarah Palin is a Cunt.

When liberal pornographer Larry Flint announced he was making a new porn film spoofing the Republican Vice Presidential candidate called "Nailin' Palin", they remained silent.

When Doonesbury ran the following strip attacking Sarah Palin in most of the nation's major newspapers, there were no cries of outrage from liberals.

When the web comic creators at took things a step further and labelled Sarah Palin a "MILP" (Mother I'd Like to Punch), there were no AP stories taking the artist to task.

When the Sarah Palin sex doll began appearing on the shelves of local smut shops, the feminists could not be found out front protesting.

Finally, when Getty Images, a stock photography company, began distributing photos of a mock assassination of Sarah Palin, no one from the secret service showed up at their door.

We're told the mainstream media doesn't cover Democrat sex scandals because they don't run on a platform of moral values. Thus, the stories don't have that hypocritical angle they do when Republicans do it. Yet, when liberal Democrats, who clearly work hard to make sexism and racism issues even in instances when they aren't, openly attack Sarah Palin in such a blatantly sexist manner the same media sits silently by.

Where is the outrage?


Ed said...

Are we really surprised by the silence from the left? If there is anyone out there who believes that Dems stand up for women's rights and dignities, then you have been brainwashed.

Dems and Libs do not care at all about women - period. If they cared, then they would go to war for any woman who's rights or image was trampled on. Ahhh... but Dems really are not up in arms for women, they are up in arms to gain power.

Did you hear that?

Dems are only using sexism as another disposable weapon in their arsenal to gain power.

Anonymous said...

since the left has condoned women-bashing, i think i'm gonna start supporting a very low glass ceiling, wife-beating, keeping girls out of school, making all women sit on the floor, harassment at work, and the revoking of women's driver's licenses.

women are shit. they're second-class and other than cooking us guys meals, they're basically worthless.

thanks to all the democrats who have helped me discover the truth about women!

locomotivebreath1901 said...

Hillary outrage VS Sarah is a c*unt non-issue.

Good juxtapose.

I'm sure the msm will pick up on this violent Lefty misogyny = THE TALIBAN any day now.

Any day.

Some day.


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