Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Warner Cable Fined for KC CableCARD Cutoff

The Kansas City division of Time Warner Cable is going to have to dig into those deep pockets of their's and start doling out the cash to some of their customers. The FCC has fined the cable giant for violating provisions of the Communications Act of 1934. The offense occurred as a result of TWC decision to not upgrade their cable system's capacity and instead opt for Switched Digital Video technology to increase the number of Hi-Def channels on their system, which still lags far behind their satellite TV counterparts.

TV Barn's Aaron Barnhart brought the issue up after a local Kansas City man sued the company because their SDV rendered his CableCARD Tivo receiver, which cost around $600 and cable systems are required to support, near useless.

The FCC has ruled that TWC must pay multiple fines of $20,000 and issue refunds to customers who were affected by the November 6, 2007 change to SDV.

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Anonymous said...

Serves TWC right, these scumbags used a Consumer Reports Rating without permission. No ethics at all.

"Free" does not mean the same to TWC, they used tinier print than car dealers to disclaim the word, to get "free" hd you have to rent the box, so is it "free" or not.