Friday, October 17, 2008

Shock: Obama Dispatched Democrat Congressman to Scrub Indonesian Records

Congressman Eni F.H. Faleomavaega (try saying that twice) represents American Samoa. The very same American Samoa that received $33 million dollars of pork in the $700 billion dollar economic bailout package that passed the Democrat led congress a couple of weeks ago. And the very same American Samoa that managed to find itself exempt from the new minimum wage law passed by the same Democrat led congress back in January.

Faleomavaega recently traveled to Indonesia to meet with government officials. But here's the kicker, while there Faleomavaega visited the boyhood school of Barack Obama.

According to Indonesian sources, officials that travelled with Falemavaega were interested in acquiring all photos and documentation of Barack Obama's time in the country. These officials paid cash for these documents that they say were for America's national archives.

As a result of Faleomavaega's visit, Barack Obama's boyhood school will receive thousands of dollars in contributions for upgrades and computer equipment.

This begs the obvious question, what documents did Faleomavaega and his entourage remove from Indonesia and what did they say about the man who is poised to become America's next president?

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Anonymous said...

This is a sick post by someone who knows little or nothing about what he writes. American Samoa received $33 million (not billion) and this money was not part of the bailout but a continuation of a convoluted tax incentive scheme designed to keep America's last remaining tuna cannery (the largest in the world) afloat. Like many industries fish canning has left America to set up operations in low wage countries...a move made essential by some idiotic trade agreements that put America at a severe competitive disadvantage.

Star Kist was recently sold to a Korean company and Faleomavaega is probably on his way out. See

Anonymous said...

Not part of the bailout package? What are you talking about?

"Stuffed into the 451- page bill are more than $1.7 billion worth of targeted tax breaks to be doled out for a sty full of eyebrow-raising purposes over the next decade."

The special provisions include tax breaks for:

* Manufacturers of kids' wooden arrows - $6 million.

* Puerto Rican and Virgin Is- lands rum producers - $192 million.

* Wool research.

* Auto-racing tracks - $128 million.

* Corporations operating in American Samoa - $33 million.

* Small- to medium-budget film and television productions - $10 million.

Anonymous said...

link -

BOisBS said...

Oh by all means, let's pony up tax payer dollars to save our tuna canning industry. And seriously, why should we expect workers in that cannery to receive a livable wage for their long hours of intense labor?

What would this country do if it couldn't can its own tuna? We all know buying canned tuna from Mexico, China, or Australia would put our country at grave risk.

Oh the horrors! I shutter to think.

Anonymous said...

Damn... every time I turn around, another Dem somewhere is doing everything in their power to get Obama elected.

It's almost like watching The Omen 3.

The way this guy is coming to power is starting to get a little worrisome. I would never feel this way about Kerry, Edwards, hell even Jesse Jackson.

But here comes this guy out of nowhere and he's sprinting directly for the top.

Obama's mom is dead. Has anyone looked into her grave yet and looked for the bones of a jackal?