Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revisiting Diuguid's Slanderous Comments About McCain-Palin

Yesterday we told you how KC Red Star's Lewis Diuguid slandered John McCain and Sarah Palin by saying their use of the word 'socialist' constituted racism. Since then we've been thinking a lot about how Diuguid could have possibly linked the two unrelated issues.

The only thing we could come up with is that he believes that when McCain or Palin mention Barack Obama's socialist tax policies that they are trying to insinuate that Obama wants to take money from white people and give it to black people. This jump in logic would of course assume that all white people are rich and all black people are poor.

Even if that is the link that Diuguid is trying to make, we'd have to point him to this and many other articles from the liberal leaning media that show that more white people are on welfare. Thus, any socialist policies that would "spread the wealth" would benefit whites more than blacks and therefore, there exist no possible link between the 'socialist' label and racism.
The numbers go like this: 61% of the population receiving welfare, listed as "means-tested cash assistance" by the Census Bureau, is identified as white, while only 33% is identified as black.

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