Friday, October 3, 2008

Religulous vs American Carol

For the first time in recent memory the left wing and right wing will be squaring off in movie theatres nationwide as both Bill Mahr's Religulous and David Zucker's (of Airplane fame) An American Carol are released in theatres.

Curiously, AMC has chosen to not show American Carol in their largest theatre in the area, the Studio 30 in Olathe. The theatre is showing Religulous, however.

At the Barrywoods 24, AMC has chosen to put on American Carol and it has sold out every show for today. Religulous is not playing there.

If you are wondering how Religulous is doing at the Studio 30, stop by. Lord knows there are plenty of seats available.

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AKCB said...

Yeah, not so much. Friday box office results are in at and Religulous has a $2241 per screen average. An American Carol's at $732. While possibly popular in the Northland, AAC came in at number 9 and the Maher flick at 10, but Regligulous won Friday's highest per screen average contest. But maybe things will change on Saturday when all the godless libruls take time off from their busy movie-going schedules for their war protests, weekly shopping at Whole Foods and recreational abortions.